Vascular Plants

There are currently approximately 300,000 accessioned sheets of vascular plants and about 70% of them are digitized and available online.

vascular plants Miconia howardianaVascular plant data are available on these four websites:


The collection has about 70,000 accessioned specimens and 40% are available online.Breutelia bryophyte

Bryophyte data are available on three websites:


The lichen collection contains about 40,000 specimens, of which around 30% are digitized and available online.Lobarina lichen

Lichen data are available on three websites:


The algal collection contains approximately 3,460 specimens, nearly all available online.Nitella algae

Algae data are available here:

Fungi (non-lichenized)

Russula jpg fungarium

The fungal herbarium holds around 58,000 specimens of macrofungi (mushrooms, shelf fungi, etc.), plants infected by fungi, and isolates of microfungi on dried agar plates.

Fungi data are available here:

Herbarium Library

The herbarium library maintains a non-circulating larbrary book shelves with many booksreference collection of around 13,000 items.

Herbarium library holdings are available here:

IPT Resource

The integrated publishing toolkit (IPT) serves vascular plant data to various online repositories.

The IPT is available here: