Configuration of Other Imaging Systems

Canon R5 imaging station

This is system produces excellent quality images, utilizing the following products:

Camera: Canon R5 mirrorless (36 x 24 mm full frame sensor with 8192 x 5464 pixels and the pixel size/pitch 4.39um, thus ~45 million pixels or megapixels) on a copystand (distance between table and top of camera viewfinder ~78cm, focus distance ~0.73 m)

Software: EOS (settings: manual focus, 0.8 exposure, F13 aperture, ISO 100, Large image file, picture style Fine Detail, & white balance using custom procedure in Live View shoot)

Lens: Zeiss Milvus 50mm F/2M

UV Lens: Chiaro 67 mm T99 UV filter (helps to protect the lens)

Computer communication: Pearstone USB 3.2 cable

Memory card: Sandisk XTRM Pro SDXC 64GB Memory card

Lighting: 2x Genaray Spectro LED Essential 500IID Daylight LED Light Panel with diffuser panels, and 1 Neewer 5600K LED mounted above camera to eliminate shadow

Camera power: Indipro Power Supply

FLAS herbarium Canon R5 imaging station

Sinar Evolution System with Sinar CaptureFlow Software and TTI-Repro Graphic Workstation (discontinued)

This complex system that produced excellent quality images.

Camera: Sinar Evolution 75H multi shots 33MP digital back.

Lighting-table-camera mount: TTI-Repro-Graphic Workstation 3040 and Digiflex 67ei.

Capture Software: Sinar CaptureShop.

Image Resolution: ca. 400 ppi / Acquistion Throughput: around 1 minute per specimen.

Workflow and Use Instructions: PDF Required a Mac cpu with an OS around ca. 2010 (OS 10.6.4).

Cost: See this study

The following video, produced by iDigBio, features our Sinar System:
Herbarium digitization video by iDigBio

HerbScan / Epson Scanner System

This system is an Epson Scanner mounted upside down. This equipment is used to scan very high resolution images for JSTOR Global Plants (

Equipment: Epson Expression 10000 XL flatbed scanner with HerbScan stand.

Capture Software: Epson Scan with post processing in Adobe Photoshop.

Image Resolution: 600 ppi (1200 ppi) / Acquistion Throughput: around 3 minutes per specimen.

Workflow and Use Instructions: PDF

Microtek ScanMaker 9600XL/9800XL

In the early 2000s this scanner was used to scan some specimen images.