Configuration of Other Imaging Systems
(Sinar Evolution System with Sinar Captureflow Software and TTI-Repro Graphic Workstation)

The University of Florida Herbarium has a variety of imaging systems installed, some are used very specific purposes.

Sinar Evolution System with Sinar CaptureFlow Software and TTI-Repro Graphic Workstation

This is a complex system that produces excellent quality images.

Equipment: TTI-Repro-Graphic Workstation 3040/Digiflex 67ei/Sinar Evolution 75H multi shots digital back system including 33MP digital back.

Capture Software: Sinar CaptureShop.

Image Resolution: ca. 400 ppi / Acquistion Throughput: around 1 minute per specimen.

Workflow and Use Instructions: PDF

The following video, produced by iDigBio, features our Sinar System:
Herbarium digitization video by iDigBio

HerbScan / Epson Scanner System

This system is an Epson Scanner mounted upside down in a cabinet. This equipment is used to scan very high resoulution images for JSTOR Global Plants (

Equipment: Epson Expression 10000 XL flatbed scanner with HerbScan stand.

Capture Software: Epson Scan with post processing in Adobe Photoshop.

Image Resolution: 600 ppi (1200 ppi) / Acquistion Throughput: around 3 minutes per specimen.

Workflow and Use Instructions: PDF