We redact localities from the specimens of endangered species. The following are directions for specific sets.

Gholson collection:

1. Find the specimens in the cabinet where the Gholson endangered species are stored.

2. Find the jpg image based on the catalog number in:
H:\Gholson\final\images\[3 digit folder]\jpg
if, the folder is named jpgx, then the image is at:

3. Rename the image by appending “_nonsecure” to the end of the root name. E.g., 246923s1.jpg -> 246923s1_nonsecure.jpg

4. Open Photoshop. Note: CTRL commands are for Windows. Use COMMAND on a Mac.

5. Open image: CTRL O

6. Enlarge image so label is visible: CTRL + , about 3 times.

7. Press i for the dropper. Select a background color around the locality you want to redact and click.

8. Press b for the brush. Diameter 50-65, opacity 100%, flow 100%.

9. Wipe out the detailed locality, latitude and longitude, section, township and range. You may keep the county.

10. Press t for text. Text should be set to red (255,0,0 or ff0000), Arial, 14 pt.

11. Click in the place where the location was and enter [locality obscured].
Hint, hightlight that and copy it with CTRL C. You can then just paste it with CTRL V from now on.

12. Press CTRL E to merge layers.

13. Press CTRL SHIFT S for save as. Save as same filename without “_nonsecure”. Important! Don’t press SHIFT S, or Save, and overwrite the original.
Save at the highest quality jpg.

14. CTRL-W to close image.