About the Project

The goal of this NSF-supported project (NSF Award #1410288), 2014-2017, and NSF Award #1410069), was “to develop a fully imaged, databased, and georeferenced dataset of all 4.7 million specimens of SEUS plant species represented in the 107 collections associated with this TCN.” The UF Herbarium was one of the TCN participants and member of the Southeast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections (SERNEC) group. Approximately 117,000 UF Herbarium (FLAS) and 11,000 Division of Plant Industry Herbarium (PIHG) specimens were imaged for the project.

This project was one of the TCN and PEN projects working in collaboration with the Integrated Digitized Biocollections (iDigBio) center of the National Resource for Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC) program funded by the National Science Foundation. “Through ADBC, data and images for millions of biological specimens are being made available in electronic format for the research community, government agencies, students, educators, and the general public.

iDigBio description of The Key to the Cabinets project.