The supplies and vendors listed on this page are ones specifically used by and/or consulted with by the University of Florida Herbarium. It is a good idea to check with other herbaria and do your own research for products and companies when shopping. Prices and product constructions change frequently. We often reinvestigate each time we place an order for a product. It really saves to shop around and to use coupons when possible.

Budget and Funding Sources

Selecting Museum Quality Archival Supplies
The web site of The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections and their NHCOLL mailing list (see below) is a useful resource for finding suitable materials for use in collections. Interaction on The Herbarium Mailing List (below) is also helpful. The following publications are excellent references with details on archival materials:

Herbarium and Storage Cabinets
We have used SpaceSaver (and predecessor brands, Viking Metal Cabinet Co., Jack Sheehan, Interior Steel) herbarium cabinets for many decades. They have a proven record of trouble-free performance.
Standard cabinets: – white, #241 full height (white because insects will be more visible)
Sole source justification: Viking metal herbarium cabinets have a closed cell elastomeric seal set in a recessed channel around the door perimeter which provides better protection from insect infestation and other environmental deteriorants. The cabinets also have inside adjustable swivel levelers and a powder-coated finish which is chemical (fumigant) resistant.

There are many other purchasing options and, depending on the herbarium, you will find advocates for one or the other brand.

Plant Presses, Blotters, Cardboard Corrugates
Basically, wooden frames with cardboard corrugates and blotters – see links to herbarium supply vendors (below), esp. Herbarium Supply Co., Forestry Suppliers, Carolina Biological Supply, Pacific Papers. Perhaps University Products also sells them.

Plant Dryer
The literature cited for the herbarium management course includes articles on available plant dryer options. E.g., see Blanco et al., 2006 and the plant dryers and field presses section of the UF Herbarium Plant Specimen Collection and Pressing Bibliography). Drying cabinets are sold by Aurora Storage Products, Lane Scientific Equipment and other vendors. We have one of the Lane dryers and it seems to work well, but could possibly be modified to have better air flow. We also have two home made dryers that have served us very well for decades.

Specimen Preparation and Storage Supplies
These supplies include glue, mounting paper, genus covers and other materials. All materials should be archival quality. See links to herbarium supply vendors (below), esp. Herbarium Supply Co., Pacific Papers and University Products. Here are specifics for what the University of Florida Herbarium uses (you can make your own selection of materials and vendor):

Collection Barcode Example
Vascular Plants FLAS # FLAS 12345
Bryophytes FLAS B# FLAS B12345
Lichens FLAS L# FLAS L12345
Algae FLAS A# FLAS A12345
(There is a space between “FLAS” and the accession number. # = a non-zero-padded accession #.)

Boxes and Cardboard Corrugates

Pest Control : University of Florida Pest Control handles fumigation of the Florida Museum of Natural History on a periodic basis. The Museum or UF cover the cost (a “hidden” expense). UF Pest Control used to handle extra fumigation in the herbarium, but now suggests that we use spot treatments in cabinets with paraDiChloroBenzene (PDB, para moth balls). We used to purchase PDB in 200 lb barrels from out-of-state vendors but new transportation laws make this prohibitively expensive. We now purchase para moth balls at retail stores such as Walmart.

Office Equipment and Supplies (desks, bookcases, pencils, paper, etc.) : purchased on state contract from selected vendors or ad hoc via web vendors when permitted.

Computer Equipment and Supplies : purchased on state contract from selected vendors or ad hoc via web vendors when permitted.

Lab Equipment and Supplies : purchased on state contract from selected vendors or ad hoc via web vendors when permitted.

Herbarium Supply Vendors

Mailing Lists