Exchange and gift programs help herbaria diversify their holdings and share scientific research materials.

Further Reading

Before accepting gifts or exchange specimens, consider all aspects in relation to shipping specimens.

Exchange Agreements

Storing and Gathering the Specimens (University of Florida Herbarium Procedures)

Preparing an Exchange or Gift Shipment (University of Florida Herbarium Procedures)

Example list

  Caroline Easley: Florida: Paynes Prairie State Preserve
    334   555   777
    425   623   791
  Dan Skean:Florida:Highlands Co.
    2144 Osmanthus megacarpus
    3778 Ilex opaca
  Typha latifolia : W. Zomlefer #144 : Florida : Alachua Co.
  Rumex hastatulus : J. Spellingberg s.n., 2 Dec 2006 : Florida : Polk Co.


Unpacking and Assessing Incoming Exchange and Gift Material (University of Florida Herbarium Procedures)

Gifts from Individuals