The following is a checklist for daily imaging setup and shutdown.

1. Surge Protector: turn on, if off.

2. Computer:

3. Lightbox:

Acc. 2 Acc. 1 Cooling Fan Warm Light Platform Backside Left Side Right Side Power

4. Camera:

5. Computer: Open Camera Control Pro 2

6. Computer: Imaging Workflow Application

7. Imaging Workflow Application Imaging Cycle:

8. Fragment packet contents should be displayed when enough material is not visible on the sheet. E.g., the flowers and fruits are in the packet and not visible on the sheet.

9. Place specimen in light box

10. Choose AF and Shoot in Camera Control Pro 2

11. Take specimen from light box

12. PUT CURSOR IN BARCODE FIELD of Imaging Workflow App.

13. Scan barcode (Make sure barcode matches stamped number).

14. Repeat steps 7-12 for each specimen.

15. At the start and periodically check images to make sure the focus and layout are correct.

End of Session

1. Close Camera Control Pro 2 and the Imaging Workflow App.

2. Log off the computer.

Final Close Down (if no one is starting a session after you / end of day)

1. Put lens cap on camera.

2. Turn off camera.

3. Cover camera.

4. Turn off all lightbox switches.

5. Put lightbox plates back on top.

6. Run the “Backup and Logoff” or “Backup and Shut Down” app on the desktop (bottom right).

7. Leave the computer alone, don’t close it!

8. (Leave surge protector ON).