Version Changes Made in Reverse Chronological Order

IMPORTANT! install the most recent patch to update your program and correct problems. If you find unforseen problems with a patch, go back to the previously available patch.
To install a patch unzip it in your root directory. Allow it to overwrite \plwin2\prg\plwin.exe and other files in \plwin2.


PLabel is currently at version 3.9c, available at

Version 3.9c adds/changes the following fields and includes bug fixes.

Version 3.2 added the following fields:

This version also more tightly checks to the geography and highlights entried not matched in the geography country and regions data tables. A regions table is also added, which is available from the a tab on the country table tab.

This version also more tightly checks to the geography and highlights entried not matched in the geography country and regions data tables. A regions table is also added, which is available from the a tab on the country table tab.

Version 3.1 is no longer available. This version includes a genus table which will automatically populate the family code field in your labels. The taxa and family tables have been updated and expanded. The Pteridophyte genera family codes have changed from previous versions, so you should cursor through your Pteridophyte genera in browse mode for those to update to the current mapping. The edit and add screens have links to off-site resources such as, Atlas of Florida Plants, IPNI, and Google Maps.

Version 3.0 is available at


Changes in recent Microsoft update patches have resulted in incorrect font rendering in Plabel printing. Font kerning (spacing between letters), particularly in proportional fonts is not correct. PLabel formerly used MS-FoxPro forms with an OLE general field to embed rich text into the form. The rich text allowed for the inclusion of bold, italic and underline fonts within fields and in the body of the label. Microsoft has offered no solution to this change and since the error can not be overcome with the PLWin 1.0 version of printing, a new print methodology has been developed and is deployed in PLabel for Windows, Version 2.0. Please consult the Plabel for Windows Quick Guide for printing instructions.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the plwin2 file (right click the link and save to file). [latest version date: 7 June 2011]
    note: see version changes (corrections, etc.) below for information on patches.
  2. Unzip PLWin2.Zip onto your hard disk. It is best to do this in your root folder, therefore, e.g., extract to C:\. It will create a folder called “plwin2”, with subfolders: data, pdata, prg, print. Don’t unzip the program on your desktop!
  3. Create the following two folders either in your My Documents folder or in the root of your hard drive (e.g., C:\):
    \plwin_data [e.g., \My Documents\plwin_data\ -or- C:\plwin_data\ ]
    \plwin_printrtf [e.g., \My Documents\plwin_printrtf\ -or- C:\plwin_printrtf\ ]
  4. Find and highlight \plwin2\prg\plwin2.exe in your MS-Windows File Manager. Right-click on it and select “Properties” in the menu.
    If you have Windows XP choose “Compatibility” and check “Disable Visual Themes”. Apply and close with those settings.
    If you have Windows 7 choose “Troubleshoot Compatibility”
    –“Troubleshoot Program”
    –“The program opens but doesn’t display correctly” / Next
    –Check “Window controls appear cut off, or the program changes visual themes when started.”
    –Click start the program.
    –Choose to save the settings.
  5. Right-click on plwin2.exe and drag it to the desktop and create a shortcut, if you want a shortcut on the desktop.
  6. Double-click the PLWin2 shortcut to open the program. Alternatively, you can run the program by just double clicking it in your file manager.

Screen Sizing
PLabel for Windows formerly defaulted to full screen view. This is becoming problematic now that monitors vary considerably in size. Fonts and fields do not render correctly when screens are more than about 1 1/4 wider than high. To resolve this issue the program now limits the enlargement of the window. Windows can be adjusted by dragging the corners with the mouse or choosing the standard MS-Windows sizing button (2nd from right) at the top right of the screen.

Upgrading from Version 1.0 Notes


PLabel for Windows, Version 1.0, is no longer available. Please use PLabel for Windows, Version 2.0. The links for downloads of this version have been removed.


30 Nov 2011: Full version: plwin2
PLWin2.exe only: plwin2_20111130prg

7 June 2011: Full version: plwin2
PLWin2.exe only: plwin2_20110607prg

25 February 2011: Previous full version: plwin2_20110225

31 December 2009: Patch: plwin2_20091231

30 July 2008: Plabel for Windows Version 2.0 Release.

2 April 2008: Patch

14 Jun 2007 : Patch

21 Mar 2007 : Patch

21 Mar 2007 : Family File Patch: plfamily
Note: PLFamily.Zip includes an updated family files (plfamily.dbf and plfamily.cdx). This file contains all family names referenced in Wunderlin’s Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida, ed. 2, and many more APGII families. To update your family file you must extract and place both files your plwin\pdata directory. WARNING! if you have added families to the family file, these files will overwrite those. These means your family codes may not match and print some families.

7 October 2005 (posted 16 October 2005): Patch

9 May 2005: Patch

30 April 2005: Patch

10 Nov 2004: Patch

31 Oct 2004: Patch
Note: There’s a lot of major internal changes in this version. To be safe, rename your old \plwin\prg\plwin.exe file before installing this patch. E.g. plwinold.exe. If something fails you can rename it back to plwin and keep using it.

11 Oct 2004: Patch

8 Oct 2004: Patch

3 May 2004: Patch

6 April 2004: Patch

20 January 2004: Patch

16 January 2004: Patch

15 January 2004: Patch

14 January 2004: Patch

18 December 2003: Patch

11 December 2003 Patch

9 December 2003 Patch

8 December 2003


PLabel for DOS is no longer available.