Camera Configuration (via Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 Software)

Camera: Nikon D810 with Sigma 50 2.8 EX DG MAC F/Nikon AF-D USA lens.

Positioning the Camera and Photo e-Box

The bottom of the light stand camera holder is set at “82”. This places the camera lens ca. 25 1/4″ from the light box platform. This camera height and Photo e-Box position is situated so that the herbarium sheet, ruler and color chart fill the field of view with as little blank space as possible.

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 Software

Out-of-the-box, the Camera Control 2 software did not support the Nikon D810. We had to get the latest version from the Nikon web site.

Useful Resource

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 screens and settings

Camera Control Pro Exposure 1 settingsExposure 1

Camera Control Pro Tab Storage settingsStorage

Camera Control Pro Tab Mechanical settingsMechanical

Camera Control Pro Tab Image Processing settingsImage Processing

Picture Control: Standard

Color Space: sRGB

Active D-Lighting: Off

HDR Mode: Off

Long exposure noise reduction: Off

High ISO NR: On (Normal)

Vignette Control: On (High)

Auto distortion control Unchecked