1. Herbaria and Herbarium Specimens
    Collection Use Protocols and Specimen Handling Guidelines
  2. Plant Specimen Collecting and Preparation: plant collecting (incl. legal considerations), identification, label preparation, sorting, pest control and fumigation.
    Preparation of Plant Specimens for Deposit as Herbarium Vouchers
    Florida Plant Collecting: Regulations and Permitting
    Label-making programs (e.g. Symbiota, mail merge, PLabel)
    Best Practices for Collecting Geographic Data in the Field
    Collecting techniques for specialty groups such as succulents, palms and bulky specimens.
    Plant Specimen Collecting and Pressing Bibliography
  3. Collection Acquisitions and Set Preparation.
  4. Plant Mounting and Specimen Preparation.
    Plant Mounting Guide
    Making Fragment Packets
  5. Accessioning and filing.
  6. Ancillary Collections: spirit, wood, seed, dna, seed bank.
  7. Upkeep and organization of the collection: organization of families, genera, species; folder making; specimen repair, updating nomenclature, pest control and fumigation.
  8. Library and Special Collections / Publications Exchange: Ordering and organization, acquisitions and cataloging; illustrations, photographs.
  9. Exchanges and Gifts: Establishment of exchange program.
    Incoming: Count, evaluate, acknowledge, record tally.
    Outgoing: Sort, check, count, record tally, pack, ship.
  10. Loans from:
    Receive and evaluate loan request.
    Choose specimens to be sent (leave some behind for id use).
    Prepare loan papers.
    Pack and ship.
    Await receipt of acknowledgement.
    Keep up with progress of overdue loans.
    Unpack and check returned specimens.
  11. Loans to:
    Request (who is using, for what purpose, how long).
    Count and acknowledge receipt.
    Request extensions when due date is approaching.
    Sort, count, pack, prepare forms and return.
  12. Administrative Structures, Relationships and Activities.
  13. Ordering Supplies and Equipment:
    Equipment items: Bookcases, , File cases, , Microwave oven, Cameras, , Herbarium cases, Plant drier, Chairs, Map cases, Storage cases, Computers, Microscopes, , Typewriters, Desks
    Supply items: Boxes, Mounting paper, Chemicals, Office supplies, Genus & species covers, Pamphlet cases, Glue, Photographic supplies, Maps, Printing
    Other expenses to consider: Telephone, Xeroxing, Utilities
  14. Service and Extension Activities.
  15. Computers, Databases and the Web.
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    • Also see: UF Herbarium library, search for subject “Herbarium Techniques”