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Quick Guide to PLabel for Windows
Table Structures

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Directory Structure and Files

When PLabel for Windows is installed from PLWin.Zip the following directory structure is created:

   \data - Label data files may be stored in this directory.
           If you create a \PLWin-data directory at the same level as \PLWin the program
           first looks there for data files.  As a second choice the program looks in
           \PLWin\data for the data files.
           The structure of the data files is detailed below.
      PLFootingsIn.dbf (*.fpt)           - Inst. Footings data files
      PLFootingsPr.dbf (*.fpt)           - Project Footings data files
      PLHeadings.dbf   (*.fpt)           - Project Footings data files
      PLCountry.dbf    (*.cdx)           - Country data file and index
      PLPrtConfig.dbf                    - Print configuration data file
      PLFamily.dbf     (*.cdx)           - Family data file and index
      PLGenera.dbf     (*.cdx)           - Genera data files
      PLTaxa.dbf       (*.fpt)           - Taxa data files
      PLTitles.dbf     (*.fpt)           - Title data files
      PLMain.mem                         - Main program configuration memory
      PLPrint.mem                        - Print configuration memory
      TempLabels.dbf   (*.cdx, *.fpt)    - Add (temp.) label data files and index.
      PLWin3.exe                         - The PLabel for Windows program
      VFP7r.dll         VFP7renu.dll     - MS-Visual Foxpro runtime libraries
      resize.vct        resize.vcx       - Resize screen class libraries
      msvcr70.dll                        - Program runtime library
      foxuser.dbf       foxuser.fpt      - MS-Visual Foxpro program memory
      PLWinPrint.dbf    PLWinPrint.fpt   - Temporary print spool data files
      PLWinPrint-HP5P-4.frt / .frx       - 4 labels per page report layout
      PLWinPrint-HP5P-6.frt / .frx       - 6 labels per page report layout
      PLWinPrint-HP5P-8.frt / .frx       - 8 labels per page report layout
      PLWinPrint-HP5P-bryo.frt / .frx    - 1 label per page for bryophyte packey report layout
      Summary-sp-fam-coll.frt / .frx     - Summary list report layout
      Summary-sp-fam-coll-loc.frt / .frx - Summary list report layout
      TempRTF.rtf                        - RTF formating temporary file

Label Data Files

This program uses MS-Visual Foxpro tables as data files. These files may be exported as tab-delimited files and then imported into a number of other programs such as MS-Excel and MS-Access.

Labels are stored in user created files with the ".plw" extension (*.fpt files accompany these files to store memo field information). The default directory for these files is C:\plwin_data. When absent, then \plwin\data\ is next directory of choice. The current working label and the template label are stored in the file: \plwin\pdata\templabels.dbf (templabels.fpt accompanies this files to store memo field information). This temporary label file has only 2 entries (records). Entry one is the template and entry two is the current label being worked on. The current label is added to the active user created file when the add button is selected.

For more details and recommendations on the information stored in the data fields for specimen labels see:
  Preparation of Plant Specimens for Deposit as Herbarium Vouchers

Structure of user created label files (*.plw) and templabels.dbf

FAMMODIFCharacter7Uncertainty modifier for family. Generally ?, cf. or aff.
FAMCODECharacter4Family code based on code in families table.
GNMODIFCharacter7Genus name modifier such as X, ?, cf., aff.
SPMODIFCharacter7Species epithet modifier such as X, ?, cf., aff.
SPECIESCharacter22Specific epithet
RANK1Character7Infraspecific rank 1 such as var., ssp.
INFRA1Character50Infraspecific epithet 1
INFRA1AUTHCharacter80Authority for infraspecific epithet 1
RANK2Character7Infraspecific rank 2 such as var., ssp.
INFRA2Character22Infraspecific epithet 2
INFRA2AUTHCharacter80Authority for infraspecific epithet 2
DETDATECharacter20Determination date
COMMONCharacter150Common names, if desired to be included, although not recommended as they will change when id's change.
COUNTRYCharacter30Country, must be present in the countries file.
STATECharacter45State, prov. or other division below country as defined in the countries file.
COUNTYCharacter45Second division below the country as defined in the countries file. E.g., county or parish in the United States.
LOCNAMECharacter70Standardized locality name such as Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. Note: this was used as a standardized field at the UF Herbarium and did not print on the label in versions of PLabel for Windows prior to 11 Oct. 2004. It now prints on the label after the "county" level geographic division.
UTMZONECharacter2UTM zone.
UTMNSCharacter1UTM hemisphere designator, N or S.
UTMEASTCharacter20UTM easting coordinates.
UTMNORTHCharacter20UTM northing coordinates.
LATCOORDCharacter14Latitude coordinates. Format is flexible. Entering "o" will convert to a degree sign.
LATNSCharacter1Latitude N or S designation.
LONGCOORDCharacter15Longitude coordinates. Format is flexible. Entering "o" will convert to a degree sign.
LONGEWCharacter1Longitude E or W designation.
DATUMCharacter10Locality coordinates datum system. Lat./long. and UTM need this!
GEOUNCERTNumeric4Uncertainty of geographic coordinates in meters.
STRCharacter30Section, township, range.
ELEVSTRCharacter18Elevation in a flexible format. Certain rules will apply in the future. Recommended formats are: 1000 m., 1000-1500 m., 3000-3500 ft.
LOCALITYMemo*variableVerbal locality description.
ORIGINMemo*variableVerbal description of original source of cultivated material, such where material in a botanical garden was originally obtained.
HABITATMemo*variableVerbal habitat description including associated species.
PLTDESCMemo*variableVerbal plant description including height, flower and fruit color, fragrance.
REPROSTATCharacter3Reproductive status: codes will be rigid in the future. Note: this does not print on the label. Currently the recommended list is:
  • FLW: flowering
  • FRT: fruiting
  • FF: flowering and fruiting
  • FLB: flower buds
  • FRI: fruit immature
  • FFI: flowering with immature fruit
  • FBF: flower buds and mature fruit
  • FBI: flower buds and immature fruit
  • CON: bearing cones (such as with conifers)
  • STM: male strobili
  • STF: female strobili
  • VEG: vegetative (no flowers or fruit)
  • FER: fertile specimens (e.g., fern with spores)
COLL_FIRSTCharacter25First name and optional middle name or initial of primary collector.
COLL_LASTCharacter150Last name of primary collector.
COLLNOCharacter12Collection number of primary collector.
COLLWITHCharacter200Other collectors present.
DATECOLLCharacter40Date of collection. A format with the month spelled out or abbreviated and 4 digit year will prevent confusion. E.g., 3 May 2003, not 3/5/03 or 5/3/03
SHEETSNumeric2Number of labels to be printed. This does not correlate to sheet 1 of 2, because it is up to the mounters and collection managers, not the collectors, to determine how specimens will best fit on sheets.
NOTEMemo* variableAdditional notes about the specimen or location. Notes: Anything after |DN| (but before another tag) will print as a determination note at the top of the label under the scientific name and before the determiner. Anything after |DC| (but before another tag) will print as a determination note at the top of the label under the scientific name and the determiner. |DN| may be used as a determination note and |DC| may be used for deterimation confirmed and other notes.
PROJECTMemo*variableProject title.
PROJECTNOCharacter25Specimen number in a project. Printed after project title with no prefix. Add # or no. in front if you want that printed.
PERMITMemo*variablePermit information.
CULTCODELogical1The plant is cultivated. This will toggle the alternate label title on in printing.
FIELDALCLogical1The specimen was field preserved with alcohol.
PHOTOSLogical1Photos of the specimen in the field were taken.
DNALogical1Material for DNA analaysis was collected.
SPIRITLogical1Spirit collections were also prepared.
WOODLogical1A wood sample was prepared.
LIVINGLogical1Living material was collected for cultivation.
PROOFEDCharacter1A flag field for the user to keep track of proof reading of labels. It can also be used to flag specific labels for printing.
SETCharacter10A field that may be used to keep track of specimen sets.

PLabel: Herbarium Label Program Quick Guide Main Menu Add/Edit Version Changes

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