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Installing PLabel

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Make a directory on your hard drive called PLABEL.
e..g., in DOS get to your root directory (C:\) and type: md plabel
e.g., in MS-Windows File Manager highlight the top level of your directory (C:\) and from the menu choose File, Create Directory.

Make a directory on your hard drive in the plabel directory called DATA.
e.g., in DOS move from the root directory (C:\) to the Plabel directory: cd plabel then make the directory by typing: md data
e.g., in MS-Windows File Manager highlight the Plabel directory and from the menu choose File, Create Directory.

Move back to the C:\PLABEL directory and copy the provided file, PLabel.Zip into that directory. Unzip the PLabel.Zip file (e.g., type: C:\path to your pkunzip\pkunzip plabel.zip). The program files should now reside in your C:\plabel directory.

The Plabel manual (currently incomplete) explains program installation. It is stored in a file called: PLMANUAL.TXT. To print this file, put the diskette with the file on it in a computer hooked to a printer set for ca. 80 characters per line (regular print). At the DOS prompt type:


Where <Drive:> is the drive the diskette is in. The manual is about 25 pages long. If you need to stop the printing, press <Ctrl>C or turn off your printer.

Alternatively, you may be load PLMANUAL.TXT (an ASCII/non-document file) in a word processor; view, format and print it. The text is formatted to print in a non-proportional font. If you try to use a proportional font, the spacing of some items may appear uneven.

To start the program type: Plabel

If you get an insufficient memory message, the following DOS environmental variable setting may be necessary to run PLabel:
This is necessary under certain configurations on 386 or higher machines with expanded or extended memory. This line should be added to your Autoexec.Bat file, PL.Bat file or typed at the DOS prompt.

A configuration screen will ask you what drive/directory program and data files will reside in.
Program drive: C
Program directory: \plabel
Data drive: C
Data directory: \plabel\data

Labels are added to label data files which you must create. The label files end with the *.PLB extension. The first thing you need to do is to create a label file. Choose the UTILITIES/SETUP from the MAIN MENU and then CREATE FILE to do this.

Once you have created a label file, you add labels to this file via ADD LABELS from the MAIN MENU. The current label you are working on is not added to the label file until you choose to add it via the ADD LABEL MENU (called by pressing <F10>). This allows you to abandon this label should you decide to quit prematurely.

Labels are edited via the EDIT LABELS option from the MAIN MENU. You may also go into edit mode from the ADD LABELS MENU. While editing, you may view the file in order by collection number, genus/species, family code / genus, location and as entered. The order of the file appears at the top of the screen; <F8> changes the order. <F10> calls the EDIT MENU. Edit toggles between a search criteria screen, the EDIT MENU and the edit screens. Browse presents entries in tablular form.

Printing is the most difficult part of the program to configure. The program is mainly set-up for printing on a laser printer. You must read the manual for the details.

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