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Staff, Student and Associates Directory

This directory lists staff, students and associates conducting plant systematics research in affiliation with the University of Florida Herbarium (FLAS) collections in Dickinson Hall and the curatorial staff of all the collections. Recent contact information available for select former staff and students is provided in the last listing. If you do not find the person you are looking for in this list, try the following:

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General information: herb[replace with @]flmnh.ufl.edu.

Administrative matters (grants and collaborations, etc.):

Dr. Lucas C. Majure, Keeper of the HerbariumPh.: 352.273.1990
University of Florida Herbarium 
Florida Museum of Natural Historylmajure[at]floridamuseum.ufl.edu
379 Dickinson Hall, PO Box 117800 
Gainesville, FL 32611-7800 

Vascular, algal, bryophyte, lichen, seed and wood collection-related matters (loans, exchange, database, visitation):

Kent D. Perkins, Collection ManagerPh.: 352.273.1990
University of Florida Herbarium 
Florida Museum of Natural Historykperkins[at]flmnh.ufl.edu
379 Dickinson Hall, PO Box 117800 
Gainesville, FL 32611-7800 

Fungal collection-related matters (loans, exchange, database, visitation):

Dr. Matthew W. Smith, Curator of the Fungal HerbariumPh.: 352.273.2837
Dept. of Plant Pathology 
2527 Fifield Hall, 2570 Hull Rd.trufflesmith[at]ufl.edu
University of Florida 
PO Box 110680 
Gainesville, FL 32611-0680 

Collection Web pages:

Vascular Plants | Herbarium Library | Bryophyte and Lichens | Fungal | Wood | Paleobotany

Herbarium Collection Staff

Name / TitleEmail (remove "[nospam]")PhoneLocation
Research Interests
Majure, Dr. Lucas C. (Web page)
Keeper of the Herbarium
lmajure@[nospam]floridamuseum.ufl.edu352.273.2102 385 Dickinson
Systematics of Cactaceae, Melastomataceae, Dichanthelium (Poaceae); floristics in the Greater Antilles and SE US
Perkins, Kent D.
Collection Manager (vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens, wood)
kperkins@[nospam]flmnh.ufl.edu352.273.1984 380 Dickinson
Herbarium computerization and data management; endangered species; types of the UF Herbarium
Frank, Marc S.
Extension Botanist; Associate Collection Manager (starting 1 July 2016)
mfrank@[nospam]flmnh.ufl.edu; plantid@[nospam]flmnh.ufl.edu352-273-1994 379 Dickinson
Plant identification; horticulture and horticultural systematics; botanic garden collection management
Smith, Dr. Matthew E. (Web page)
Curator of the Fungal Herbarium, Asst. Professor, Plant Pathology Dept.
trufflesmith@[nospam]ufl.edu352.273.2837 Dept. of Plant Pathology, 2527 Fifield Hall, 2570 Hull Rd., University of Florida, PO Box 110680, Gainesville, FL 32611-0680
Healy, Rosanne
Fungal Herbarium Collection Manager
rhealy1@[nospam]ufl.edu352.273.4679 Dept. of Plant Pathology, 2517 Fifield Hall, University of Florida, PO Box 110680, Gainesville FL 32611-0680
Cellinese, Dr. Nico (Web page)
Assoc. Curator, Plant Systematics / Informatics
ncellinese@[nospam]flmnh.ufl.edu352.273.1979 Dickinson Hall
Systematics of the Campanulaceae; Systematics of the Sonerila generic alliance (Melastomataceae); Informatics; Herbis; Tolkin.

Current Staff, Students and Research Associates

Name / TitleEmail (remove "[nospam]")PhoneLocation
Research Interests
Abbott, J. Richard
Courtesy Assistant Scientist FLMNH; Curator at UAM
badiera@[nospam]yahoo.com870.460.1165 University of Arkansas at Monticello
Phylogenetics of Polygalaceae; flora of Florida; DNA barcoding; general plant identification with a focus on North America and the tropics
Blanchard, Jr., Dr. Orland J.
Research Associate
Orland.Blanchard@[nospam]liu.edu352.273.1990 379 Dickinson
Systematics of Malvaceae
Davis, S. Barry
Herbarium Systematics Research Volunteer
taxon@[nospam]flmnh.ufl.edu352.273.1990 379 Dickinson
Plant Identification and Information Service; Asteraceae; Florida flora
Jacono, Dr. Colette
Research Associate; USDA National Taxonomist - Botany
Colette.Jacono@[nospam]usda.gov- National Identification Services, USDA-APHIS-PPQ, 10300 Baltimore Ave., Bldg. 308, Rm. 319 BARC-East, Beltsville, MD 20705-2325
Judd, Dr. Walter S.
Biology Department Emeritus Faculty
lyonia@[nospam]ufl.edu352.273.1983 378 Dickinson
Vascular plant systematics, esp. Melastomataceae and Ericaceae; Florida and West Indian floras, esp. Haiti and the Dominican Republic; Generic Flora of the Southeastern United States project
Lott, Terry A.
Biological Scientist
lott@[nospam]flmnh.ufl.edu352.273.1933 208 Dickinson
Paleobotany; insect host plant interaction
Manchester, Dr. Steven
Museum Associate Curator
steven@[nospam]flmnh.ufl.edu352.273.1935 Dickinson (Paleobotany group)
Soltis, Dr. Douglas
Biology Department Faculty
dsoltis@[nospam]botany.ufl.edu352.273.1963 Dickinson (Molecular Systematics group)
Soltis, Dr. Pamela
Museum Curator
psoltis@[nospam]flmnh.ufl.edu352.273.1964 Dickinson (Molecular Systematics group)
Williams, Dr. Norris H.
Emeritus Museum Curator
orchid@[nospam]flmnh.ufl.edu352.273.1982 385B Dickinson
Systematics and evolution of Orchidaceae

Former Staff, Students and Research Associates

Please note: we do not keep this list completely up to date. An internet search may provide more current information.

Name / TitleEmail (remove "[nospam]")PhoneLocation
Research Interests (while at University of Florida)
Beaman, Dr. John H.
†Former Courtesy Curator
-- We are deeply sorry that Dr. Beaman passed away in the summer of 2015.
Flora of Mt. Kinabalu; Borneo; alpine flora of Mexico and Guatemala
Beaman, Dr. Reed S.
Former Assoc. Curator, Informatics
rsbeaman@[nospam]nsf.gov(703) 292-7163 Program Director, NSF DBI
Informatics; Flora of Mount Kinabalu; Systematics of Elatostema (Urticaceae) and Polyosma (Escalloniaceae);BioGeoMancer; Herbis; Tolkin.
Benny, Dr. Gerald
Former Mycological Collection Manager; Plant Pathology Dept. Staff
gbenny@[nospam]ufl.edu352.273.4684 Building 737
Zygomycete and plectomycete development and taxonomy
Blanco Coto, Mario
Former Graduate Student, now Director at Jardín Botánico Lankester
mario.blancocoto@[nospam]ucr.ac.cr- Jardín Botánico Lankester, Universidad de Costa Rica, Cartago, Costa Rica
Orchidaceae; Aristolochiaceae; Costa Rican flora; plant functional morphology; pollination biology; systematics of Lockhartia (Orchidaceae)
Carlsward, Barbara S.
Research Associate and Former Graduate Student
bscarlsward@[nospam]eiu.edu217.581.3223 Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL
Anatomy & molecular phylogenetics of Orchidaceae (Vandeae).
Corogin, Dr. Paul
Former Graduate Student
Paul.Corogin@[nospam]FreshFromFlorida.com352.395.4702 FDACS/Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL
Plant systematics; Florida flora
Dressler, Dr. Robert L.
Former Research Associate
-- Currently at Jardín Botánico Lankester, Costa Rica.
Systematics and pollination biology of Orchidaceae
Edwards, Christine (Christy)
Former Graduate Student
christy.edwards@[nospam]mobot.org314.577.9457 Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO
Plant systematics and population genetics of Conradina (Lamiaceae)
Endara, Dr. Lorena (Web page)
Post-Doc Biology Dept. (Former PEN Project Manager and Graduate Student)
lendara@[nospam]flmnh.ufl.edu- 218 Carr Hall
Orchidaceae; systematics of the Pleurothallidinae (Orchidaceae); Endemic orchids of Ecuador; Evolutionary history of Scaphosepalum (Orchidaceae); Pollination mechanisms of Dracula orchids (Pleurothallidinae); Diversification of Andean Orchids, Character evolution and morphological datasets
Godden, Grant T.
Former Graduate Student
-- -
Phylogeny of Lamiaceae, particularly Southwestern clades; Orchidaceae
Griffin III, Dr. Dana
Former Curator of the Bryophyte and Lichen Collection
(contact the herbarium)- -
Bryophytes; lichens
Guala, Dr. Gerald "Stinger"
Former Graduate Student
gguala@[nospam]usgs.gov- U.S. Geological Survey, 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, MS 302, Reston, VA 20192
Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (BISON), Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), Poaceae, esp. bamboos; monographic revisions of Agenium and Homozeugos (Poaceae), Recipient of the 1996 Delzie Demaree Travel Award
Hubbard, Jeffery
Former Graduate Student
raybot66@[nospam]ufl.edu- Greenhouse Manager, Dept. of Biology, 210 Bartram Hall, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-8525
Plant systematics; Florida flora
Ionta, Dr. Gretchen
Former Postdoctoral Associate and Graduate Student
gretchen.ionta@[nospam]gcsu.edu- Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA
Apocynaceae (Periplocoideae) systematics
James, Dr. Shelley A.
Formerly with iDigBio.org
-- Collections Manager, National Herbarium of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Molecular systematics; tropical ecology, invasive species; Pacific Island floras
Kimbrough, Dr. James W.
†Former Curator of the Mycological Herbarium; Plant Pathology Faculty
-- -
Dr. James Kimbrough passed away on 21 January 2017. He served as curator of the UF Fungal Herbarium for many decades and taught Mycology at UF for 46 years.
Lindler, Trudy
Former Program Assistant
-- -
Herbarium accounting and record management
Molgo, Dr. Iwan
Former Graduate Student
imolgo@[nospam]ufl.edu- Univ. of Suriname, Paramaribo, Suriname
Polyploidy in the Callisia graminea complex (Commelinaceae); Orchidaceae; orchids of Suriname
Neubig, Dr. Kurt M. (Web page)
Former Graduate Student
kneubig@[nospam]siu.edu- Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
Orchidaceae; systematics of Dichaea (Orchidaceae); western North American Astereae (Asteraceae)
Penneys, Dr. Darin S.
Former Graduate Student
penneysd@[nospam]uncw.edu- Univ. of North Carolina, Wilmington
Melastomataceae (web site); Systematics of Charianthus (Melastomataceae); Systematics of the Blakeeae (Melastomataceae), etc.
Porter-Utley, Kristen
Former Graduate Student
kporterutley@[nospam]keene.edu- Keene State College, Keene, NH
Systematics of Passiflora section Cieca (Passifloraceae); Ethnobotany
Skean, Dr. James Dan
Former Graduate Student
dskean@[nospam]albion.edu517.629.0525 Department of Biology, Albion College
Melastomataceae systematics; West Indian floristics
Whitten, Dr. W. Mark
†Former Museum Staff Researcher
-- -
Systematics and pollination biology of Orchidaceae
Zomlefer, Dr. Wendy B.
Former Research Associate
wendyz@[nospam]plantbio.uga.edu- University of Georgia Herbarium
Vascular plant systematics; molecular systematics of the Melanthiaceae; Generic Flora of the Southeastern United States project; types of the UF Herbarium