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Phylogeny of the Melanthiaceae (Liliales)

by Wendy B. Zomlefer and Kent D. Perkins

The ongoing Melanthiaceae project by Wendy B. Zomlefer (FLAS) was initiated by her work on the Generic Flora of the Southeastern United States project (NSF; DEB-9419940, Walter S. Judd, principal investigator; DEB-9419952, Norton G. Miller, principal investigator). The current focus is on the relationships and delineations of the ill-defined genera of tribe Melanthieae: Schoenocaulon, Stenanthium, the Veratrum-Melanthium complex, and Zigadenus s.l. (including Amianthium). Descriptions are modified from Zomlefer (1997a).

The Molecular Systematics Lab (Florida Museum of Natural History), the sequencing facility for this project, is under the direction of Norris Williams and W. Mark Whitten. Currently, molecular data generated by Zomlefer for the Melanthieae include trnL-F, ITS, 5S, and AFLP. ITS and trnL-F sequences will be available on Genbank after publication of this preliminary data (Zomlefer, Williams, Whitten, & Judd, in prep.).

Links to the preminary molecular results are below:

For additional references on the Melanthiacae, see:

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Last update: 9 March 1999
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