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The University of Florida Herbarium Library is a non-circulating reference library of publications pertinent to the naming and classification of vascular plants (plant taxonomy and nomenclature). This collection contains publications with descriptions, geographical ranges and keys for differentiating species of vascular plants, as well as information regarding latin plant names (nomenclature), plant collectors and economic botany. Holdings include books, journals, reprints, microfiche, maps, card files and botanical illustrations.

This web-searchable computerized catalog includes only a portion of our book, reprint and journal holdings. In-house file card catalogs and staff are available, by appointment, to assist in locating other holdings. Our staff are also retroactively entering books and journals into the UF Libraries catalog. Herbarium entries are clearly denoted in UF's catalog. The advanced search option with "herbarium" as location will limit searches to herbarium library entries.

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