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Sobralia callosa orchid flower
Databases and Images

The UF Herbarium's collection databases and image galleries provide interactive, virtual access to our fragile collections; extending them to a global audience. The specimen based images are associated with label information in the collection catalog, including data on habitat, flowering and fruiting period, frequency, and distribution. A common name search tool provides a walkway to the scientific names used in the catalogs.

Our collection databases are being developed in a variety of web portals, based on plant groups and funding sources (intra- and inter-institutional and grants). Details on many of these thematic projects may be found on our research projects page. Most of these data are also served to iDigBio.org and GBIF.org.

Support for the herbarium's computerization effort is provided by operation and grant funds from the Florida Museum of Natural History, UF / Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, United States Department of Agriculture (Hatch Project FLAS-HRB-04170), UF Libraries Digital Library Center, Florida Center for Library Automation, the National Science Foundation, Société Audubon Haïti, and the Florida Museum Associates.

Collections Catalog

Senna alata specimen This catalog is our original, in-house, searchable collections database. It contains ca. 100,000 herbarium specimens, most with full label data and images. The label data from this catalog is served to the SERNEC portal (vascular plants), iDigBio.org, and GBIF.org.

Type Specimen Catalog

Pinus clausa cone This catalog is a special interface for our Collections Catalog for specimen label data and images of our vascular plant, bryophyte and lichen type specimens. Literature citations and special notes relevant to the included specimens are available.

Digital Images

Sobralia gloriana flowerOur vacular plant image galleries are being developed with a thematic focus. Digital image sets include potentially invasive, insectivorous, poisonous and endangered plants of Florida, type specimens, orchids, and vouchers for a variety of floristic projects. The image search page is an interface tailored to searching for and viewing images

SERNEC Project: The Key to the Cabinets

Tradescantia flower pic

Our Southeastern United States vascular plant specimens have been imaged as part of the NSF-supported project, "The Key to the Cabinets: Building and Sustaining a Research Database for a Global Biodiversity Hotspot" (NSF Award #1410288). The SERNEC portal includes all vascular plant data and some, but not all, images from our Collection Catalog (described above) and additional specimens with images and skeletal data (species, country, USA state, and Florida county). These data and images are being provided on the NotesFromNature site for cataloging by citizen scientists.

North American Bryophytes and Lichens

lichen picture

Our North American bryophyte and lichen specimens are cataloged into national portals with the exception of our type specimens. At this time, our type specimen records are available in JSTOR Global Plants, with images, and in the UF Herbarium Collections Catalog.

Algal Collection

Our macroalgae are cataloged with images in the Macroalgal Herbarium Portal. This work was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Fungal Collection

The UF Fungal Herbarium collection is being cataloged and imaged, and provided on line through the Mycology Collections Portal. This work was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Herbarium Library

library bookshelf

The herbarium library catalog is a searchable database of a portion of the literature holdings in the herbarium's extensive reference library. The library includes literature relevant to the naming and classification of vascular plants (plant taxonomy and nomenclature) including floras, monographs, journals, microfiche, reprints and maps.