Silver River Knap-In 2017

by Nicolas Delsol

Silver River Knap-In and Stone Age Art Festival is an annual festival held in Silver River State Park. Over a single … Continued

Archaeology of Events cover

Pits for the Ancestors

by Katherine Emery

Ph.D. Candidate Meggan Blessing has recently published a chapter in the book, The Archaeology of Events Cultural Change and Continuity in … Continued

Girl Scouts at event

First Colony Outreach Events

by Katherine Emery

As the Florida Museum of Natural History commences its new First Colony exhibit in celebration of St. Augustine’s 450th anniversary, … Continued

Michelle Lefebvre

Meet Our Newest EAP Affiliate!

by Katherine Emery

Michelle J. LeFebvre Ph.D., 2015, University of Florida  I am an anthropological and environmental archaeologist with a focus in zooarchaeology. … Continued