Project Data, Reports and Publications

Although the turkey project is ongoing, we have several reports and publications available. Below are a series of links to original publication sources as well as PDFs for available pre-publication proof copies and open access articles. Should you require an original publication from a non-open access article, please contact Dr. Kitty Emery at

Continue checking this page in the future, as future updates are forthcoming.

Earliest Mexican Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) in the Maya Region: Implications for Pre-Hispanic Animal Trade and the Timing of Turkey Domestication (2012, Erin Kennedy Thornton, Kitty F. Emery, David W. Steadman, Camilla Speller, Ray Matheny, Dongya Yang – PLOS ONE

The Uncertain Origins of Mesoamerican Turkey Domestication (2015, Erin Kennedy Thornton, Kitty F. Emery – Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory doi:10.1007/s10816-015-9269-4)

Ancient Maya turkey husbandry: Testing theories through stable isotope analysis (2016, Erin Thornton, Kitty F. Emery, Camilla Speller – Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports

Introduction to the special issue – Turkey husbandry and domestication: Recent scientific advances (2016, Erin Kennedy Thornton – Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports