In collaboration with the Florida Museum Digital Imaging Division, the Environmental Archaeology Program’s Fish Skulls Photogrammetry Project focuses on capturing detailed 3D images of neurocrania from select taxa of fishes curated in our skeletal reference collection. This project is ongoing and links to specimens will be added as they become available. All images are available in the Environmental Archaeology Collection section of the Florida Museum Sketchfab page.

Taxon EAP Cat UF Ichthyology CAT
Petenia splendida Z12539 n/a
Ariopsis felis Z6499 UF48438
Archosargus probatocephalus Z7915 UF20827
Bagre marinus Z3124 UF238455
Archosargus probatocephalus Z2312 UF48447
Megalops atlanticus Z8034 n/a
Myteroperca microlepsis Z8932 UF49240
Micropterus salmoides Z3112 UF31463
Micropterus salmoides (labeled skull) Z1284 UF20486
Micropterus salmoides Z1284 UF20486
Pogonias cromis Z2385 UF27163
Sphyraena barracuda Z3786 UF31766
Coryphaena sp. Z907 UF12220-S
Diodon hystrix Z6805 UF48607
Pogonias cromis Z6608 n/a
Naso brevirostris Z9627 n/a
Ictalurus catus Z3948 UF17912
Rachycentron canadaum Z8084 n/a
Lepisosteus oculatus Z7527 UF23496
Gynmothorax funebris Z7905 UF20640
Echneis naucrates Z5527 UF47986
Prionotus roseus Z7602 UF200676
Alossa sapidissima Z4251 UF31931
Thunnus atlanticus Z8033 none
Gadus morhua Z2075 UF26962
Amia calva Z3231 UF31552
Lutjanus cyanopterus Z1401A UF27044
Acipenser brevirostrum Z11068 none
Sciaenops ocellatus Z1225A UF20436
Trachinotus falcatus Z6491 UF48448
Chaetodipterus faber Z1235 UF20461-s
Lachnolaimus maximus Z9162 UF49251