The Florida Museum-EAP also offers many opportunities for non-traditional learning. Hands-on experiences and learning outside of the classroom are fundamental parts of environmental archaeology training.

The Florida Museum-EAP offers undergraduate and graduate level internship and independent studies courses that can be taken here in our laboratory for credit through any UF teaching department. Please contact Dr. Emery or Dr. Walker to discuss possible study projects – these courses are available only when time and scheduling permits. Internship and independent study courses are flexible in design and can include hands-on activities, technical training, research projects, or literature reviews. The number of credits is variable and some courses are offered for graded credit, others for a simple pass. Because these do not have a lecture component, each credit hour earned requires three hours of work per week. We recommend you also check out the teaching department websites for information on these courses:

If you are not a UF student but would like to study in our laboratory as part of your formal education at another institution, please contact us. We are sometimes able to offer instruction and guidance that does not provide UF credit, but is valuable experience for students at institutions without environmental archaeology facilities. We recommend that you have your education supervisor also contact us to discuss these possibilities.

If you would like to volunteer with the Florida Museum-EAP (in other words, unpaid work, not for course credit), please see our Get Involved section.