The Environmental Archaeology Program logo represents the complexity of our research about the relationship between ancient peoples and their surroundings. Our studies include zooarchaeological studies of animal remains, archaeobotanical studies of plant remains, and geoarchaeological studies of sediments and landscapes. Our research is based on comparison of morphology, ecology, and behavior of modern and ancient examples. And our interpretations are contextualized within anthropological questions surrounding ancient households, communities, regions, and people (represented by the survey stick at the center of our logo). Most important, the intertwined images stress the importance of interdisciplinary research in environmental archaeology.

This logo was drawn by artist Merald Clark in 2002 and replaces an earlier version designed by Erica Simons in the early 1980s. Simons’ version represented the first concentration of the FLMNH Zooarchaeology Lab created by Dr. Elizabeth Wing (see the History section).