Department Chair

David Blackburn

David BlackburnHerpetology
Department Chair, Associate Director for Research & Collections and Curator
Affiliate Appointments: Biology, School of Natural Resources and Environment, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
352-273-1943 |
Dickinson Hall Room 262; Special Collections Building
Diversity, Evolution, and Conservation of amphibians
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Natural History Department Assistant

Brittany Snipes

Department of Natural History
352-273-1941 |
Office: Dickinson Hall 238

Full Time Faculty

Jonathan Bloch

Jonathan BlochVertebrate Paleontology
Affiliate Appointments: Biology, Geological Sciences, and Anthropology
Contact: 352-273-1938 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 222
Interests: Eocene mammals, mammalian responses to climate change, phylogenetics, functional morphology
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Nico Cellinese

Nico CellineseHerbarium and Informatics
Affiliate Appointments: Biology
Contact: 352-273-1979 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 354
Interests: Plant systematics, evolution, biogeography, informatics
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Charles Cobb

Charles CobbHistorical Archaeology
James E. Lockwood Jr., Professor of Historical Archaeology
Affiliate Appointments: Anthropology
Contact: 352-273-1916 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 102
Interests: Archaeology, cultural history, history of art, history of religion

Jaret Daniels

Jaret DanielsMcGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
Affiliate Appointments: Entomology and Nematology
Contact: 352-273-2022 |
Office: McGuire Hall
Interests: Imperiled butterfly recovery, native insect pollinator conservation
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Glaucia Del-Rio

Glaucia Del-RioOrnithology
Assistant Curator
Contact: 352-273-1968 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 320
Interests: Avian Speciation, Genomic Architecture, Population Genetics, Systematics, Evo-Devo, Natural History, Spatial Ecology, and Conservation
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Kitty Emery

Kitty EmeryEnvironmental Archaeology
Affiliate Appointments: Anthropology, Latin American Studies, Tropical Conservation and Development, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Contact: 352-273-1919 |
Dickinson Hall Room 114
Mesoamerican archaeology, zooarchaeology, environmental archaeology

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Megan Ennes

Megan Ennes headsotMuseum Education
Assistant Curator; Director, Thompson Earth Systems Institute
Affiliate Appointments: School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, Museum Studies, and the Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies 
Contact: 352-273-2006 |
McGuire 201
Museum Education, Informal Science Educators, Civic Engagement for the Environment, Science Communication
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Nick Gauthier

Nick Gauthier headshotArtificial Intelligence for Cultural and Biological Diversity
Assistant Curator
Affiliate Appointments: Anthropology, Geography
352-273-1946| Dickinson Hall Room 376
Human Ecology, Paleoclimate, Land Use, Computational Modeling, Complex Systems
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Rob Guralnick

Rob GuralnickBiodiversity Informatics
Affiliate Appointments: Biology
Contact: 352-273-1980 |
Dickinson Hall Room 358
Spatiotemporal changes in genetic and species diversity, occupancy modeling, spatial ecological modeling, landscape genetics, molecular phylogenetics
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Douglas Jones

Douglas JonesInvertebrate Paleontology
Director of the Museum
Affiliate Appointments: Biology and Geology
Contact: 352-273-1901 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 291
Interests: Molluscan ecology, paleoecology, stable isotopes, paleoclimate
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Akito Kawahara

Akito KawaharaMcGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
Curator; Director of McGuire Center
Affiliate Appointments: Biology, Entomology and Nematology, UF Genetics Institute, and the School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Contact: 352-273-2018 |
Office: McGuire Hall Room 218
Interests: Insect evolution and diversity, phylogenomics, host-use evolution, biogeography
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Michal Kowalewski

Michal KowalewskiInvertebrate Paleontology
Jon L. and Beverly A. Thompson Chair of Invertebrate Paleontology
Affiliate Appointments: Biology, Geology, and Interdisciplinary Ecology
Contact: 352-273-1944 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 254
Interests: invertebrate paleontology, paleoecology, taphonomy
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Michelle LeFebvre

Michelle LeFebvreSouth Florida Archaeology and Ethnography 
Assistant Curator
Affiliate Appointments: Anthropology
Contact: 352-273-1917 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 106
Interests: Historical Ecology, Island and Coastal Archaeology, Environmental Anthropology, Biodiversity

Bruce MacFadden

Bruce MacFaddenVertebrate Paleontology
Affiliate Appointments: Biology, Geological Sciences, and Latin American Studies
Contact: 352-273-1937 |
Dickinson Hall Room 218
Interests: Neogene mammals, stable isotopes, paleoecology, diagenesis of fossils, science education
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Lucas C. Majure

Lucas Majure

University of Florida Herbarium (FLAS)
Associate Curator
Affiliate Appointments: Latin American Studies, Tropical Conservation and Development
Contact: 352-273-2102 |
Dickinson Hall Room 378
Interests: Plant Systematics, reticulate evolution, morphological evolution, biogeography, Flora of the Neotropics

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Steven Manchester

Steven Manchester

Affiliate Appointments: Biology
Contact: 352-273-1935 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 214
Interests: phylogenetic and phytogeographic history of angiosperms, Paleocene and Eocene floras
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Jonathan Nations

Assistant Curator
Contact: 352-392-1721 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 282
Interests: Evolutionary Ecology, Morphological Evolution, Macroevolution, Biogeography, Community Ecology, Malay Archipelago Mammals
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Gavin Naylor

Gavin NaylorFlorida Program for Shark Research
Program Director, Curator
Contact: 352-273-1954 |
Office:  Dickinson Hall
Interests: Molecular phylogenetics, biogeography, & comparative anatomy of sharks and rays
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Gil Nelson

Gil NelsoniDigBio
Program Director
Contact: 850-766-2649 |
Office:  105 Building
Interests: Botany, digital photography, biodiversity informatics

Larry Page

Larry PageIchthyology
Affiliate Appointments: Biology, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Contact: 352-273-1952 |
Office: Special Collections Building 120
Interests: Systematics, Evolution and Ecology of freshwater fishes, Protection of aquatic natural areas
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Mariela Pajuelo

Mariela PajueloThompson Earth Systems Institute
Assistant Scientist
Contact: 352-214-3060 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 216
Interests: Sea turtles, foraging ecology, fisheries bycatch, stable isotopes, science education

Gustav Paulay

Gustav PaulayInvertebrate Zoology
Affiliate Appointments: Biology
Contact: 352-273-1948 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 278
Interests: Invertebrate zoology, evolution, diversity, biogeography
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Arthur Porto

Arthur PortoAI Biodiversity
Assistant Curator
Affiliate Appointments: Biology
Dickinson Hall Room 226
Biodiversity, Evolution, and Computer Vision

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David Reed

David ReedMammalogy
Associate Provost
Affiliate Appointments: Biology, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, Entomology, UF Genetics Institute, and the School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Contact: 352-273-1971 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 346
Interests: phylogenetics, coevolution, host/parasite evolution, population genetics
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Scott Robinson

Scott RobinsonOrdway Lab
Katharine Ordway Professor of Ecosystem Conservation; Eminent Scholar
Affiliate Appointments: Biology, School of Resources and the Natural Environment
Contact: 352-273-1965 |
Dickinson Hall Room 307
Avian Behavior and Ecology, Tropical Ecology, Conservation Biology, Elevation and Precipitation Gradients
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Douglas Soltis

Douglas SoltisMolecular Systemics and Evolutionary Genetics
Distinguished Professor of Biology
Contact: 352-273-1963 |
Office: Dickinson Hall
Interests: Plant biology, plant phylogeny, genome doubling, floral evolution, angiosperm diversification, phylogeography
Lab Website | ResearchGate | Google Scholar

Pamela Soltis

Pamela SoltisMolecular Systemics and Evolutionary Genetics; Genetic Resources Repository
Director, UF Biodiversity Institute
Distinguished Professor and Curator
Affiliate Appointments: Biology, Interdisciplinary Ecology; Director of UF Biodiversity Institute
Contact: 352-273-1964 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 301F
Interests: Plant molecular systemics, floral evolution, polyploid evolution, phylogeography, conservation genetics
Lab Website | ResearchGate

Edward Stanley

Edward StanleyDigital Imaging Division
Associate Research Scientist
Contact: 352-273-1978 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 229a
Interests: Systematics, Biogeography and Evolution of African reptiles and amphibians, Computed Tomography and Digitizing museum collections.
Website | Lab Website | LinkedIn | ResearchGate Google Scholar

Neill Wallis

Neill WallisFlorida Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, and Ceramic Technology Laboratory
Affiliate Appointments: Anthropology
Contact: 352-273-1920 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 130
Interests: Southeastern US Archaeology, Pottery, Provenance Studies, precontact networks and communities
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Keith Willmott

Keith Richard WillmottMcGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
Affiliate Appointments: Entomology, Biology
Contact: 352-273-2012 |
Office: McGuire Hall
Interests: Neotropical butterfly systematics, diversity, evolution, biodiversity conservation
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Faculty Emeritus

Kathy Deagan

Curator Emeritus
352-273-1916 |

Richard Franz

Emeritus Associate Scientist
352-273-1956 |

William F. Keegan

Caribbean Archaeology
Curator Emeritus
352-273-1921 |

William Harrison Marquardt

South Florida Archaeology and Ethnography
Curator Emeritus

Jerald Milanich

Florida Archaeology
Curator Emeritus

Susan Milbrath

Latin American Art and Archaeology
Curator Emeritus
352-273-1918 |

Jacqueline Miller

McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
Curator Emeritus
352-273-2016 |

Max Nickerson

Curator Emeritus
352-273-1946 |

David Steadman

Curator Emeritus

Liz Wing

Environmental Archaeology
Curator Emeritus
352-273-2101 |

Charles Woods

Curator Emeritus