The Florida Museum of Natural History is a place for research and education within the University of Florida system. All graduate degrees are granted through the University of Florida Graduate School.

There are many University of Florida Master’s or Doctoral degree-granting departments that are affiliated with the Florida Museum and all Florida Museum faculty teach and advise (act on graduate committees) through affiliated UF degree-granting departments. Many of these departments make financial support available in the form of teaching or research assistantships and in some situations Museum faculty can also provide financial support.

Getting a Graduate Degree through the Florida Museum of Natural History

To determine which program is most appropriate, prospective Florida Museum graduate students should look at student information from the Florida Museum program they wish to work in and directly contact a potential adviser.

Prospective students should also visit the faculty page to identify potential advisors. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact directly their prospective mentors/advisors.

Florida Museum Program Information

Paleontological (Ancient) Biological and Geological Sciences

Anthropological Sciences

Neontological (Modern) Biological Sciences


Degree-granting UF Departments associated with the Florida Museum


There are also opportunities for Independent Study through these departments.