In the 2019-2020 academic year, Museum faculty and staff taught more than 524 students in 41 courses through the departments of Anthropology, Biology, Entomology & Nematology, Geological Sciences, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation and others. They directed independent studies and research topics for 127 students totaling more than 613 credit hours, chaired 108 graduate committees and served on the graduate committees of another 156 students.

Courses Taught Within the Past Three Academic Years

HerpetologyBlackburnZOO 4926/ZOO 69274Vertebrates
Phylogenetic Systematics SeminarBlackburn, Cellinese, Guralnick, Majure, Soltis (D)BOT 69351Theory and Methods
Introduction to Collections and Research in Natural History MuseumsBlackburn, Cobb, Kawahara, LeFebvreANG 6905/ANT 4905/ENY 4905/ENY 6905/ZOO 69273Natural History
Florida Vertebrate PaleontologyBlochZOO 4926/ZOO 69272Paleontology
Primate EvolutionBlochANG 4554C/ANG 6930/ZOO 4926/ZOO 69273Anthropology/Biology
Florida Vertebrate PaleontologyBlochZOO 4926/ ZOO 69272Paleontology
Systematics and the Fossil RecordBlochZOO 69272Paleontology
The Fossil Record and Evollution of VertebratesBlochGLY 6932/GLY 4930/ZOO 6927/ZOO 49263Paleontology
Evolutionary BiogeographyCellineseBSC 48213Theory and Methods
Principles of SystematicsCellinese, Majure, Soltis (D), Soltis (P)BOT 6726/ZOO 69274Theory and Methods
Taxonomy of Vascular PlantsCellinese, Majure, Soltis (D), Soltis (P)BOT 57254Plants
Principles of Systematic BiologyCellinese, Majure, Soltis (P), KawaharaBOT 6935/ZOO 69274Theory and Methods
Archaeology Field SchoolCobbANT 48236Archaeology
Laboratory Training in ArchaeologyCobbANT 4180L/ANG 61833Anthropology
Grant WritingDanielsALS 60462Theory and Methods
Digital ZooarchaeologyEmeryANG 69053Archaeology and Anthropology
Maya ZooarchaeologyEmeryANT 69051Archaeology and Anthropology
Science Communication and Public EducationEnnesFOR 69343Theory and Methods
(Un)Common ReadsEnnes, Guralnick, Majure, Miller, Rubina, SourakovIDH 29301Natural History
Animals and Human AffairsGuralnickZOO 49263Science and Society
Species Distribution ModelingGuralnickZOO 4926/WIS 6934/ZOO 69272Theory and Methods
Topics in Wildlife Ecology and ConservationGuralnickWIS 69341Natural History
Bat-Insect InteractionsKawaharaBOT 6726/ZOO 69271Natural History
Data and Analysis in Nautral SciencesKowaleskiGLY6932/GLY4930/ZOO6927/ZOO49263Natural History
Introduction to Natural History Museum ScienceLeFebvreANG 6390/ZOO 69302Natural History
Florida ArchaeologyLeFebvre, WallisANT 49303Archaeology
Why Does the Past Matter?LeFebvre, WallisIDS 29353Anthropology
Tropical BotanyMajureBOT 5685C5Plants
Phylogenetics SeminarMajure, Guralnick, Soltis (D), Soltis (P)BOT 6726/BOT 6935/ZOO 69271Theory and Methods
Practical Plant TaxonomyMajure, Soltis (D), Soltis (P)BOT 27103Plants
Principles of Plant taxonomyMajure, Soltis (D), Soltis (P)BOT 27104Plants
Paleobotanical techniquesManchesterBot 69352Paleontology
PaleobotanyManchesterBOT 4935/BOT 5305/Gly 4930/GLY 60323Paleontology
Systematic Fruit and Seed MorphologyManchesterBOT 69352Paleontology
PaleobotanyManchesterBOT 4935/BOT 69353Paleobotany
Systematic Leaf MorphologyManchesterBOT 4935/BOT 69352Paleobotany
Tropical EntomologyMillerENT 3563/ENY 3563/ENY 55663Invertebrates
Biology of SharksNaylorZOO 49764Ichthyology
IchthyologyPagePCB 4460/PCB 6456 C/ZOO 4460/ZOO 6456C4Vertebrates
Broader Impacts of Science on SocietyPajuelo RubinaBSC 6038/GLY 69322Science and Society
Global Change Ecology and SustainabilityPajuelo RubinaBSC 28623Science and Society
Invertebrate BiodiversityPaulayZOO 4205C/ZOO 4305C4Invertebrates
Invertebrate Biodiversity on Coral ReefsPaulayZOO 4205C/ZOO 4305C4Invertebrates
Introduction to Marine SciencePaulayGLY 3083C3Theory and Methods
Special Topics: Marine Biodiversity ResearchPaulayZOO 49262Theory and Methods
Advanced Invertebrate BiodiversityPaulayZOO 69272Invertebrates
Biodiversity and Integrative Taxonomy of InvertebratesPaulayFHL 5489Invertebrates
Avian BiologyScott RobinsonBIO 4472/ZOO 44724Vertebrates
Special Topics: Florida Plants and Climate ChangeSoltis (D), Soltis (P)BOT 4935/BSC 29303Plants
Molecular SystematicsSoltis (D), Soltis (P)Bot 69352Theory and Methods
Insects and PlantsSourakov, WillmottENY 4905/ENY 4932/IDH 29301Invertebrates
CT for BiologistsStanleyZOO 69272Theory and Methods
Beginning Mentored Research in BiologyStorerBIO 49101Theory and Methods
Continued Mentored Research in BiologyStorerBIO 49122Theory and Methods
Population Genetics SeminarStorerENT 69342Theory and Methods
Problems in Entomology - Population GeneticsStorerENT 69051Theory and Methods
Problems in Entomology - Scientific WritingStorerENT 69051Theory and Methods
Scientific WritingStorerENT 6905/ZOO 69051Theory and Methods
Archaeological CeramicsWallisANG 6112C3Archaeology and Anthropology
Field Sessions in ArchaeologyWallisANT 48243Archaeology