University of Florida Affiliate Faculty

Edward Braun

Invertebrate Zoology
Affiliate Associate Professor of Biology
Office: Carr Hall, 514
Interests: molecular biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, systematics, bioinformatics
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E. Christine Davis

Molecular Systematics
Affiliate Lecturer of Biology
Contact: 352-846-1156 |
Office: Carr Hall, 614
Interests: bryophyte diversity and systematics, plant symbiosis, biology and botany pedagogy
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Susan DeFrance

Environmental Archaeology, Anthropology
Affiliate Curator and Professor of Anthropology
352-394-7541 |
Office: Turlington Hall, B117
Interests: zooarchaeology, coastal adaptions, Andean
Empires, Central Andes, Caribbean
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Valerie Burke DeLeon

Valerie Burke DeLeon

Affiliate Associate Curator, Associate Professor of Anthropology
352-394-7602 |
Office: Turlington Hall, B325
Interests: cranial growth and development, soft tissue influences on skeletal morphology, geometric morphometrics
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Jiri Hulcr

Jiri Hulcr

Forest Entomology
Affiliate Associate Curator and Professor of Forest Resources and Conservation
352-273-0299 |
Office: Newins-Ziegler Hall, 361
Interests: ambrosia symbiotic complex – beetles, fungi, bacteria
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Rebecca Kimball

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Biology
Contacts: 352-846-3737 |
Dickinson Hall
Interests: ecology and evolution of birds, molecular phylogenetics, speciation, molecular evolution
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John Krigbaum

Affiliate Associate Curator and Professor of Anthropology
Contact: 352-294-7540 |
Office: Turlington Hall Room 1350A
Interests: paleoanthropology, bioarchaeology, human osteology, oaleopathology, paleodiet reconstruction, southeast Asia
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James Liao

James LiaoIchthyology
Affiliate Associate Curator, Associate Professor of Biology
Contact: 904-201-8404 |
Office: Whitney Lab
Interests: mechanisms of fish behavior
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Robert McCleery

Affiliate Assistant Curator, Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Contact: 352-846-0566 |
Office: Newins-Ziegler Hall Room 314
Interests: mammal conservation, human wildlife interactions
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Stuart McDaniel

Affiliate Assistant Professor
Contact: 352-273-0123 |
Carr Hall Room 213
Interests: moss diversity, phylogenetics, molecular population genetics, evolutionary genetics
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Jose Miguel Ponciano

Affiliate Assistant Curator of Biology
Contact: 352-273-5555 |
Office: Carr Hall Room 309
Interests: stochastic processes in biology, population dynamics, state space models, statistical and theoretical ecology
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Kenneth Sassaman

Environmental Archaeology
Affiliate Professor
Contact: 352-392-2253 |
Office: Turlington Hall Room 1112
Interests: culture history of Archaic Period hunter gatherers, southeast US archaeology
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Emily Sessa

Molecular Lab
Affiliate Assistant Curator, Professor of Biology
Contact: 352-392-1098 |
Office: Bartram Hall Room 521A
Interests: plant systematics and evolution, biogeography, phylogenetics, plant physiological ecology, community assembly, niche modeling, ferns and lycophytes
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Matthew Smith

Affiliate Assistant Curator, Professor of Plant Pathology
Contact: 352-273-2837 |
Office: Fifield Hall Room 2517
Interests: biology and systematcis of hypogeous fungi, plant-symbiotic ectomycorrhizal fungi
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Rick Stepp

Environmental Archaeology
Affiliate Associate Curator, Professor of Anthropology and Latin American Studies
Contact: 352-392-0299 |
Office: Turlington Hall Room 337
Interests: cultural ecology, ecological anthropology, ethnobotany, medical anthropology,
visual anthropology, Mesoamerica
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Weston Testo

Weston TestoMolecular Lab
Affiliate Assistant Scientist, Postdoctoral Researcher of Biology
Contact: 352-294-3703 |
Office: Bartram Hall, 527
Interests: ecology and evolution of land plants
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Corey Toler-Franklin

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering,
iDigBio Visiting Scholar
Contact: 352-505-1574 |
Office: CSE Building Room E332
Interests: computer vision and graphics, 3D data acquisition, physically-based
appearance modeling, imaging spectrometry, machine learning
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Samantha Wisely

Affiliate Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Contact: 352-846-0645 |
Office: Newins-Ziegler Hall Room 110
Interests: disease ecology, molecular ecology, biogeography, wildlife biology


Courtesy Faculty

Richard Abbott  

Arthur Anker 
Invertebrate Zoology

Orland Blanchard 

Janalee Caldwell   

Stephen Chester
Vertebrate Paleontology

Ann Cordell
Ceramic Technology Lab

Laura Cotton

Matthew Dean

Kenneth Dodd Jr.

Ryan Folk
Molecular Systematics

Thomas Fraser 

James Hayden

Jason Head   
Vertebrate Paleontology

John Heppner

Joan Herrera

Bernadette Holthuis 

Collette Jacono 

Nathan Jud  
Vertebrate Paleontology

Walter Judd

Elizabeth Kowalski 

Kenney Krysko 

Bill Marquardt
South Florida Archaeology

Joost Morsink 

Jenna Moore
Invertebrate Zoology

Paul Morse
Evolutionary Anthropology

Lee Ann Newsom  
Historical Archaeology

Stuart Nielsen

Bret Pasch 

Asa Randall
Anthropology, Florida Archaeology

Elizabeth Reitz 
Environmental Archaeology

Mary Silcox
Vertebrate Paleontology

William Smith-Vaniz 

Victor Dominic Thompson 
Anthropology, Florida Archaeology, South Florida Archaeology

Erin Thornton 
Environmental Archaeology

Keith Tinker
Caribbean Archaeology

Emmanuel F.A. Toussaint

Gabrielle Vail