Department of Natural History Research Seminar Series

Spring 2024

February 9, 3p.m.:

Speaker: Katja Seltmann
Institution: UC Santa Barbara
Title: Insect Biodiversity and Natural History Collections: Decoding patterns of morphological, environmental, and community change
Host: Rob Guralnick

February 16, 3p.m.:

Speaker: John Clark
Institution: Selby Botanical Gardens
Title: Convergent evolution in a Neotropical plant group: When an evolutionary biologist’s dream becomes a taxonomist’s worst nightmare.
Host: Lucas Majure

February 23, 3p.m.:

Speaker: Ian Thompson
Institution: Choctaw Nation Archeology
Title: Indigenous Experimental Archaeology at Choctaw Nation
Host: Neill Wallis

March 1, 3p.m.:

Speaker: James Stroud
Institution: Georgia Tech
Title: What can invasive lizards teach us about ecology and evolution?
Host: Orlando Acevedo-Charry

March 8, 3p.m.:

Speaker: Jonathan Wendel
Institution: Iowa State University
Title: TBD
Host: Pam and Doug Soltis