Collection Managers

Amanda Bemis

Invertebrate Zoology
Assistant Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1828 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 229A


Lindsay Bloch

 Lindsay BlochCeramic Technology Lab; Florida Archaeology
Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1924 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 105    Twitter

Nicole R. Cannarozzi

Nicole R. CannarozziEnvironmental Archaeology
Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1926 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 141A
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Marc S. Frank

Marc S. FrankHerbarium
Extension Botanist; Associate Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1994 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 385H
Interests: Plant identification; horticulture and horticultural systematics; botanic garden collection management

Matthew Gitzendanner

Molecular Lab
Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1960 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 301B
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Richard Hulbert

Vertebrate Paleontology
Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1930 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 204
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Andrew Kratter

Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1973 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 350
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Verity Mathis

Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-2114 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 331

Evgeny V. Mavrodiev

Molecular Systematics and Evolutionary Genetics
Lab Manager; Senior Biological Scientist
Contact: 352-273-1961 |
Office: Dickinson Hall
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Kent Perkins

Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1984 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 379

Roger Portell

Invertebrate Paleontology and Micropaleontology
Collection Director
Contact: 352-273-2110 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 250
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Robert Robins

Collection Manager 
Contact: 352-273-1957 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 283A

Donna Ruhl

Florida Archaeology and Bioarchaeology; Environmental Archaeology
Collection Manager; Archaeobotanist
Contact: 352-273-1928 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 137

Coleman Sheehy

Dr. Coleman SheehyHerpetology
Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1945 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 257


John Slapcinsky

Invertebrate Zoology
Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1829 |
Office: Dickinson Hall 253A
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Andrei Sourakov

Andrei SourakovLepidotera
Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-2013 |
Office: McGuire Center
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Karen Walker

South Florida Archaeology and Ethnography
Assistant Scientist, Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1923 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 134A
Interests: SW Florida archaeology, late Holocene coastal sites, climate change

Hongshan Wang

Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-2107 |
Office: Dickinson Hall
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Andrew Warren

McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
Senior Collection Manager
352-273-2015 |
Office: McGuire Center
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Gifford Waters

Historical Archaeology
Collection Manager
352-273-1927 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 129


Other Professional Staff

Cindy Bear

Randell Research Center
Contact: 239-283-2157 |
Office: Randell Research Center

Jason Bourque

Vertebrate Paleontology
Contact: 352-273-1932 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 224

Elise LeCompte

Elise LeCompteAnthropology
Contact: 352-273-1925 |
Office: Dickinson Hall

Terry Lott

Genetic Resources
Collection Manager
Contact: 352-273-1933 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 208


Zach Randall

Zach RandallIchthyology
Imaging Lab Manager
Contact: 352-273-1958 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 277
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Sean Roberts

Invertebrate Paleontology
Museum Operations Specialist
Contact: 352-273-2108 |
Office: Dickinson Hall Room 241

Kristin Rossetti

Kristin RossettiLepidoptera
Conservation Coordinator
Office: McGuire Center

Matt Standridge

Matt StandridgeLepidoptera
Research Technician
Office: McGuire Center

Lei Yang

Lei Yang Florida Program for Shark Research
Lab Manager
Office: Dickinson Hall