Gobiomorus dormitor
Lacepéde 1800
Family Eleotridae

Lateral view of bigmouth sleeper
The photo above shows two bigmouth sleepers collected from Southern Florida. These fish are now part of the Florida Museum ichthyology collection. Top: UF 237989 Bottom: UF 238631 Florida Museum photo by Zachary Randall

The bigmouth sleeper is a member of the sleeper family. It has an elongate, cylindrical body and a large, broad head. The dorsal profile is gently arched to the dorsal fins and then slopes down to the caudal peduncle. The mouth is large and terminal with a projecting lower jaw, and this species has large lips and a pointed snout with a projecting lower jaw. All fins are spotted. The bigmouth sleeper is a brackish and freshwater species that inhabits creeks, canals, ponds and lakes. It can often be found inland, but also in coastal areas of fresh and brackish water.

Status & distribution

  • Status — Marine invader
  • Florida Distribution — South Florida and the Atlantic Coast
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