Ctenogobius shufeldtti
(Jordan and Eigenmann 1887)
Family Gobiidae

Lateral view of a freshwater goby
The freshwater goby shown above was collected in Carteret County, North Carolina in 2014. Photo courtesy of Scott A. Smith

The freshwater goby is a member of the goby family. It has an elongate and slender straw-colored body with five rectangular to squarish blotches on the lateral midline, and a wavy stripe on the head that extends from the corner of the mouth to the gill cover. This species has a subterminal mouth with a scaled nape and body, and the dorsal and caudal fins are lightly spotted. The pelvic fins are united, and males are distinguishable by the presence of bilateral streaks on the pelvic disc. The freshwater goby is a marine species that inhabits muddy and grassy areas of coastal freshwater environments, including rivers, creeks and ditches. It can also be found in low-salinity zones of bays and estuaries.

Status & distribution

  • Status — Marine invader
  • Florida Distribution — Western and North Central drainages and the Atlantic Coast
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