The International Shark Attack File (ISAF) is the world’s only scientifically documented, comprehensive database of all known shark attacks. Initiated in 1958, there are now more than 6,800 individual investigations covering the period from the early 1500s to the present.

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The International Shark Attack File (est. 1958) is housed at the Florida Museum of Natural History and is the only scientifically-generated database that documents and monitors shark attacks on a global basis. While most attack investigations are performed by ISAF staff as parts on ongoing research, the File benefits from a globally-distributed network of collaborating regional scientists who investigate attacks in their own regions (and in some cases maintain regionally-oriented databases) and cooperatively forward reports to the ISAF.

The ISAF staff regularly provides advice on shark attack issues to governmental agencies, coastal managers, beach safety professionals, the medical community and the media. Hundreds of information requests from the public and media are received and answered annually. Although detailed information on individual shark attack incidents is curated by the ISAF, these records are only made available to qualified research biologists and physicians for reasons of medical confidentiality and to protect the privacy of those affected by such incidents. Requests for access are made on a case-by-case basis.

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