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The reef manta ray. Photo © Simon Pierce
The reef manta ray. Photo © Simon Pierce

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FamilyGenus & speciesCommon name
DasyatidaeDasyatis americanasouthern stingray
DasyatidaeDasyatis brevicaudatashort-tail stingray
DasyatidaeDasyatis centrouraroughtail stingray
DasyatidaeDasyatis kuhliibluespotted stingray
DasyatidaeDasyatis margaritadaisy stingray
DasyatidaeDasyatis sabinaatlantic stingray
DasyatidaeDasyatis saybluntnose stingray
DasyatidaePteroplatytrygon violaceapelagic stingray
DasyatidaeTaeniura lymmabluespotted ribbontail ray
DasyatidaeTaeniura meyeniblotched fantail ray
GymnuridaeGymnura altavelaspiny butterfly ray
GymnuridaeGymnura micrurasmooth butterfly ray
MobulidaeMobula hypostomaatlantic devil ray
MyliobatidaeAetobatus narinarispotted eagle ray
MyliobatidaeManta birostrismanta
MyliobatidaeMyliobatis aquilacommon eagle ray
MyliobatidaeMyliobatis australisaustralian bull ray
MyliobatidaeMyliobatis californicabat ray
MyliobatidaeMyliobatis freminvilliibullnose ray
NarcinidaeNarcine bancroftiilesser electric ray
RajidaeAmblyraja radiatathorny skate
RajidaeDipturus laevisbarndoor skate
RajidaeDipturus olsenispreadfin skate
RajidaeFenestraja sinusmexicanusgulf of mexico pygmy skate
RajidaeLeucoraja erinacealittle skate
RajidaeLeucoraja garmanirosette skate
RajidaeLeucoraja ocellatawinter skate
RajidaeRaja binoculatabig skate
RajidaeRaja eglanteriaclearnose skate
RajidaeRaja miraletusbrown ray
RajidaeRaja rhinalongnose skate
RajidaeRaja texanaroundel skate
RhinobatidaeRhinobatos lentiginosusatlantic guitarfish
RhinobatidaeRhinobatos rhinobatoscommon guitarfish
RhinobatidaeTrygonorrhina fasciatasouthern fiddler
RhinopteridaeRhinoptera bonasuscownose ray
TorpedinidaeTorpedo californicapacific electric ray
TorpedinidaeTorpedo marmoratamarbled electric ray
TorpedinidaeTorpedo nobilianaatlantic torpedo
TorpedinidaeTorpedo torpedocommon torpedo
UrolophidaeUrobatis halleriround stingray
UrolophidaeUrobatis jamaicensisyellow stingray