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FamilyGenus & speciesCommon name
Dasyatidae Dasyatis americana southern stingray
Dasyatidae Dasyatis brevicaudata short-tail stingray
Dasyatidae Dasyatis centroura roughtail stingray
Dasyatidae Dasyatis kuhlii bluespotted stingray
Dasyatidae Dasyatis margarita daisy stingray
Dasyatidae Dasyatis sabina atlantic stingray
Dasyatidae Dasyatis say bluntnose stingray
Dasyatidae Pteroplatytrygon violacea pelagic stingray
Dasyatidae Taeniura lymma bluespotted ribbontail ray
Dasyatidae Taeniura meyeni blotched fantail ray
Diodontidae Diodon holocanthus balloonfish
Diodontidae Diodon hystrix porcupinefish
Gymnuridae Gymnura altavela spiny butterfly ray
Gymnuridae Gymnura micrura smooth butterfly ray
Mobulidae Mobula hypostoma atlantic devil ray
Myliobatidae Aetobatus narinari spotted eagle ray
Myliobatidae Manta birostris manta
Myliobatidae Myliobatis aquila common eagle ray
Myliobatidae Myliobatis australis australian bull ray
Myliobatidae Myliobatis californica bat ray
Myliobatidae Myliobatis freminvillii bullnose ray
Rhinopteridae Rhinoptera bonasus cownose ray
Narcinidae Narcine bancroftii lesser electric ray
Pristidae Anoxypristis cuspidata knifetooth sawfish
Pristidae Pristis clavata dwarf sawfish
Pristidae Pristis microdon freshwater sawfish
Pristidae Pristis pectinata smalltooth sawfish
Pristidae Pristis perotteti largetooth sawfish
Pristidae Pristis zephyreus largetooth sawfish (pacific) 
Pristidae Pristis zijsron green sawfish
Rajidae Amblyraja radiata thorny skate
Rajidae Dipturus laevis barndoor skate
Rajidae Dipturus olseni spreadfin skate
Rajidae Fenestraja sinusmexicanus gulf of mexico pygmy skate
Rajidae Leucoraja erinacea little skate
Rajidae Leucoraja garmani rosette skate
Rajidae Leucoraja ocellata winter skate
Rajidae Raja binoculata big skate
Rajidae Raja eglanteria clearnose skate
Rajidae Raja miraletus brown ray
Rajidae Raja rhina longnose skate
Rajidae Raja texana roundel skate
Rhinobatidae Rhinobatos lentiginosus atlantic guitarfish
Rhinobatidae Rhinobatos rhinobatos common guitarfish
Rhinobatidae Trygonorrhina fasciata southern fiddler
Torpedinidae Torpedo californica pacific electric ray
Torpedinidae Torpedo marmorata marbled electric ray
Torpedinidae Torpedo nobiliana atlantic torpedo
Torpedinidae Torpedo torpedo common torpedo
Urolophidae Urobatis halleri round stingray
Urolophidae Urobatis jamaicensis yellow stingray