Most Commonly Asked Fish Questions

What do you want to know about fish? Here are some of the questions we hear most often:

How many fish species are there?
What is an anadromous fish? A catadromous fish?
What is the world's largest fish? What is the world's smallest fish?
How long do fish live?
How is the age of fish determined?
What is the oldest class of fish, as a class?
Why do scientists classify fish?
How do fishes breathe?
Do all fish swim in the horizontal position?
Do fish chew their food?
Can fish distinguish color?
Are the eyes of flatfishes on the right or left side?
How do porcupine fish inflate themselves?
How much electricity does an electric eel generate?
What are moray eels and where are they found?
What sea creatures other than sharks may be dangerous to swimmers?