Centropomus ensiferus
Poey 1860
Family Centropomidae

Lateral view of a swordspine snook
The swordspine snook pictured above was collected in Brevard County, Florida in 2016. It is now part of the Florida Museum ichthyology collection, UF 238640. Florida Museum photo by Zachary Randall

The swordspine snook is a member of the snook family. It has a moderately deep body, a large head and mouth and a flattened snout. There are between 49 and 59 scales in the row above the lateral line ending at the caudal fin base, and there are between 18 and 23 scales encircling the caudal peduncle. The second anal spine is long, and a terminal mouth and protruding lower jaw are present. The swordspine snook is a marine species that enters inland marshes and the shorelines of vegetated rivers, creeks, canals and lakes.

Status & distribution

  • Status — Marine invader
  • Florida Distribution — South Florida and the Atlantic Coast
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