Paralichthys lethostigma
Jordan and Gilbert 1884
Family Paralichthyidae

Lateral view of a southern flounder
This southern flounder was collected in Gulf County, Florida in 2015. This fish is now part of the Florida Museum ichthyology collection, UF 238169. Florida Museum photo by Zachary Randall

The southern flounder is a member of the sand flounder family. It has a flattened and oval body, with both eyes on the left side. The body and much of the head and fins are covered in cycloid scales, and this species has a large mouth with strong conical teeth in both jaws. The eyes – one above the other – are separated by a flat and non-ridged interorbital space. The lateral line is arched above the pectoral fin. The southern flounder is a marine species that enters rivers, creeks and some lakes in the St. John’s River basin.

Status & distribution

  • Status — Marine invader
  • Florida Distribution — Western and North Central drainages and the Atlantic Coast
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