Micropterus species
Vladykov 1955
Family Centrarchidae

Lateral view of Choctaw bass
The photo above shows an adult, top, and juvenile, bottom, Choctaw bass. These fish are now part of the Florida Museum ichthyology collection. Top: UF 190928 Bottom: UF 237769 Florida Museum by Zachary Randall

The Choctaw bass is a member of the sunfish family. It has an elongate body and large mouth, and the upper jaw extends under the rear half of the eye. The body varies from silver-white to brassy green with dark olive mottling along the back and upper side. There is a black stripe along the side, rows of discrete black spots on the lower side and a black caudal spot. Choctaw bass can be found in ravel-bottomed runs and pools of creeks and small to medium rivers

Status & distribution

  • Status — Native freshwater
  • Florida Distribution — Western and North Central drainages
  • River Drainages — Perdido River, Escambia River, Blackwater River, Yellow River and the Choctawhatchee River
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