lagoon, artificial reefs

Photo courtesy of Todd Moore


In the 1990's artificial reefs were situated in Lake Worth Lagoon and overtime these pre-manufactured pyramid modules and concrete beams were covered with corals and sponges. These artificial reefs became new habitat for numerous fish. Lake Worth Lagoon has a series of hard bottom and soft bottom habitats. Some of the hard bottom habitats include artificial reef structures, sunken sail boat, glass bottles, and encrusted shopping carts. Soft bottom habitats include sea grass beds and mangroves.

lagoon, cushion star

Photo courtesy of David Snyder


Throughout the years, man-made objects have been thrown into the lagoon and left there. As a result, many of those objects have become encrusted with algae, coral, and sponges thus providing homes to it's unique inhabitants. They now serve as a micro-habitat. Some of those habitats include shopping carts, sunken sailboat, glass bottles, and anchors.

lagoon, blenny bottle

A Seaweed blenny finds shelter in an encrusted glass bottle. Photo courtesy of Joe Marino.

lagoon, shopping cart

Photo courtesy of David Snyder