Picture of a man standing with butterfly collection drawers.

Visiting Researchers

The McGuire Center was privileged to host visiting researchers in October and November 2023, through the Mr. Carl Wisler and … Continue

Picture of a pinned brown skipper butterfly with a white data label and red holotype label.

Lepidoptera Type Collection

The McGuire Center Lepidoptera collection includes a modest number of what are known as “type specimens.” When researchers name and … Continue

Picture of the undersurface of a pinned skipper specimen.

Student Spotlight: Riley Gott

Riley Gott began his doctoral studies in August 2022 studying the taxonomy and systematics of the primarily Neotropical butterfly genera … Continue

picture of pinned moth

“Butterfly Moths”

Although the name sounds a little strange, there is a whole family of tropical moths called “Butterfly Moths.” Moths of … Continue