The Center for Systematic Entomology (CSE) recently held its annual one day conference at the McGuire Center in a hybrid format with about 40 people attending in person and 30 via Zoom. Several staff and students from the McGuire Center participated in the conference and gave presentations. Museum curator Jim Hayden discussed the systematic placement of Lathrotelinae (Crambidae), including rare, larger-bodied species with odd morphological characters. Our collections coordinator, Andrei Sourakov, presented his discoveries on the evolution of wing patterns based on experimental manipulation of wings during development. McGuire Center recent graduate Joe Martinez gave highlights from his dissertation which are leading to major reclassifications within the superfamily Noctuoidea. Seventeen talks in all were given and along with Lepidoptera, participants learned about the latest research on a wide range of other insect orders including beetles, wasps, flies, caddisflies, springtails, thrips, mealy bugs and even stink bugs! An enjoyable time was had by all with lunch at the McGuire Center and an evening gathering at a local restaurant. The full meeting program is posted on the CSE website. The Center for Systematic Entomology is a non-profit corporation based in Gainesville which publishes the online scientific journal Insecta Mundi and provides small grants to support systematic research at the McGuire Center and the Florida State Collection of Arthropods.