Ray and Skate Biology

Here is some general information on skate and stingray biology from topics that often come up when discussing these similar elasmochranch fishes.

Download: Rays and Skates Upclose! (Powerpoint Presentation)

education, skate from top and bottom

What adaptations do rays and skates have to enable them to have flat bodies?
How long do rays and skates live?
What does the skin of rays and skates feel like?
Do rays and skates have good vision?
How do rays and skates detect prey?
Do rays and skates have bones?
How can you distinguish a male from a female ray or skate?
Are rays and skates limited to marine habitats?
What are some predators of rays and skates?
What do rays and skates feed on?
Do rays lay eggs or give live birth? Skates?
Do rays and skates take care of their young?
How do rays and skates swim through the water?

Answers compiled by: Cathleen Bester