Ray and Skate Basics

 education, elasmobranch montage

What is a ray? What is a skate?
What is an elasmobranch?
How long have rays and skates existed?
How many species of rays and skates have been described?
Are there different types of rays?
What is an electric ray?
Are all rays considered to be stingrays?
Are sawfish related to rays?
What are the differences between rays and skates?
What is the largest ray? What is the largest skate?
What is the smallest ray? What is the smallest skate?
Are rays and skates related to sharks?
Is it easy to distinguish rays and skates from sharks?
Where (in the world) do rays and skates live?
Are stingrays dangerous to humans?
Are skates dangerous to humans?
How can humans avoid being stung by stingrays?
Why do stingrays at public aquariums lack stinging spines?
Are rays and skates edible?

Answers by: Cathleen Bester