Brevoortia smithi
Hildebrand 1941
Family Clupeidae

Lateral view of an adult and juvenile yellow menhaden
An adult, top, and a juvenile, bottom, yellowfin menhaden are pictured above. Both were collected in St. John’s County, Florida in 2014. They now belong to the Florida Museum ichthyology collection. Top: UF 188008 Bottom: UF 237626 Florida Museum photo by Zachary Randall

Yellowfin menhadens are members of the herring family. They have a single black or purple-black spot, and the posterior edge of their pelvic fin is straight. The edges of a yellowfin menhaden’s posterior scales are serrate with many short, triangular tooth-like projections. This is a marine species that enters rivers, creeks and canals that open to estuarine areas. Like the Atlantic menhaden, yellowfin menhadens are known from lake habitats in the St. John’s River basin.

Status & distribution

  • Status — Marine invader
  • Florida Distribution — Atlantic Coast
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