Invertebrate List

The list is presented in taxonomic order, the standard scientific format, as a learning tool for more casual viewers - from this order one can appreciate evolutionary relationships. Species occurring in LWL verified by photographs forwarded to the Florida Museum of Natural History. Contributing photographers are credited for each species they have documented

George Burgess, 1 June 2013

This page is continuously being updated. If you would like to submit a photo to be added to our list, please email Monica Clerio at

OrderFamilyTaxonomic nameCommon namePhotographerCommentsVerified
Lower Heterobranchia Aplustridae Aplustridae        
Lower Heterobranchia Aplustridae Hydatina physis brown-lined paper bubble      
Lower Heterobranchia Aplustridae Micromela undatus miniature melo      
Lower Heterobranchia Aplustridae Micromelo sp.        
Lower Heterobranchia Acteonidae Acteon candens        
Cephalaspidea Cylichnidae Acteocina canaliculata        
Cephalaspidea Cylichnidae Acteocina candei        
Cephalaspidea Cylichnidae Acteocina lepta Woodring's barrel-bubble      
Cephalaspidea Retusidae Retusa sp.        
Cephalaspidea Haminoeidae Haminoea antillarum Antilles glassy-bubble      
Cephalaspidea Haminoeidae Haminoea elegans elegant glassy-bubble      
Cephalaspidea Haminoeidae Haminoea succinea amber glassy-bubble      
Cephalaspidea Bullidae Bulla occidentalis        
Cephalaspidea Aglajidae Chelidonura cubana        
Cephalaspidea Aglajidae Chelidonura hirundinia leech aglaja      
Cephalaspidea Aglajidae Navanax aenigmaticus mysterious aglaja      
Cephalaspidea Aglajidae Philinopsis petra        
Cephalaspidea Aglajidae Philinopsis pusa        
Cephalaspidea Gastropteridae Gastropteron chacmol flapping dingbat      
Sacoglossa Oxynoidae Lobiger souverbii Souverbie's lobiger      
Sacoglossa Oxynoidae Oxynoe antillarum Antilles oxynoe      
Sacoglossa Placobranchidae Elysia canguzua        
Sacoglossa Placobranchidae Elysia cornigera        
Sacoglossa Placobranchidae Elysia ornata ornate elysia      
Sacoglossa Placobranchidae Elysia subornata dark-rimmed elysia      
Sacoglossa Placobranchidae Elysia tuca        
Sacoglossa Placobranchidae Thuridilla picta painted elysia      
Sacoglossa Limapontiidae Placida cremoniana        
Sacoglossa Hermaeidae Hermaea cruciata        
Aplysiomorpha Aplysiidae Aplysia brasiliana        
Aplysiomorpha Aplysiidae Aplysia juliana walking seahare      
Aplysiomorpha Aplysiidae Aplysia morio Atlantic black seahare      
Aplysiomorpha Aplysiidae Siphonota geographica        
Aplysiomorpha Aplysiidae Bursatella leachii pleii ragged seahare      
Aplysiomorpha Aplysiidae Stylocheilus striatus        
Umbaculoidea Umbraculidae Umbraculum umbraculum Umbrella slug      
Pleurobranchomorpha Pleurobranchidae Pleurobranchaea inconspicua        
Pleurobranchomorpha Pleurobranchidae Pleurobranchus areolatus Atlantic sidegill slug      
Pleurobranchomorpha Pleurobranchidae Pleurobranchus crossei        
Nudibranchia Goniodorididae Okenia evelinae        
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Plocamopherus lucayensis        
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Roboastra ricei        
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Polycera rycia papillose polycera      
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Chromodoris binza        
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Chromodoris clenchi Harlequin blue sea goddess      
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Chromodoris fentoni        
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Chromodoris grahami        
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Chromodoris neona neon sea goddess      
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Glossodoris sedna red-tipped sea goddess      
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Hypselodoris picta Florida regal doris      
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Hypselodoris ruthae Gold line sea goddess      
Nudibranchia Polyceridae Mexichromis kempfi purple crowned sea goddess      
Nudibranchia Cadlinidae Cadlina rumia        
Nudibranchia Discodorididae Sclerodoris worki Work's dorid      
Nudibranchia Discodorididae Rostanga byga        
Nudibranchia Discodorididae Carminodoris hansrosaorum        
Nudibranchia Discodorididae Discodoris evelinae Eveline's dorid      
Nudibranchia Discodorididae Geitodoris immunda        
Nudibranchia Discodorididae Geitodoris pusae        
Nudibranchia Discodorididae Jorunna spazzola        
Nudibranchia Discodorididae Platydoris angustipes        
Nudibranchia Dendrodorididae Dendrodoris krebsii Kreb's dendrodorid      
Nudibranchia Dendrodorididae Dendrodoris warta warty dendrodorid      
Nudibranchia Dendrodorididae Doriopsilla pharpa        
Nudibranchia Arminidae Armina muelleri        
Nudibranchia Arminidae Armina wattle        
Nudibranchia Proctonotidae Janolus comis        
Nudibranchia Dotidae Doto curere        
Nudibranchia Dotidae Doto pita        
Nudibranchia Dotidae Doto varaderoensis        
Nudibranchia Dotidae Doto fluctifraga        
Nudibranchia Dotidae Doto uva        
Nudibranchia Tritoniidae Tritonia bayeri crisscross tritonia      
Nudibranchia Tritoniidae Tritonia hamnerorum Bill and Peggy Hamner's tritonia      
Nudibranchia Tritoniidae Tritonia wellsi Well's tritonia      
Nudibranchia Tritoniidae Tritoniopsis frydis        
Nudibranchia Bornellidae Bornella calcarata tasseled nudibranch      
Nudibranchia Lomanotidae Lomanotus vermiformis        
Nudibranchia Scyllaeidae Scyllaea pelagica sargassum nudibranch      
Nudibranchia Tethydidae Melibe sp.        
Nudibranchia Flabellinidae Flabellina cf. bandeli        
Nudibranchia Flabellinidae Flabellina dushia        
Nudibranchia Flabellinidae Flabellina engeli        
Nudibranchia Flabellinidae Flabellina marcusorum        
Nudibranchia Flabellinidae Flabellina verta        
Nudibranchia Eubranchidae Eubranchus conicla        
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Cratena cf. peregrina        
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Cratena pilata        
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Dondice occidentalis western dondice      
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Dondice parguerensis        
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Favorinus auritulus long-eared favorinus      
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Godiva rubrolineata        
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Learchis evelinae        
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Learchis poica        
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Nanuca sebastiani orange spotted nanuca      
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Noumeaella kristenseni frosty mordilla      
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Palisa papillata        
Nudibranchia Facelinidae Phidiana lynceus lynx phidiana      
Nudibranchia Tergipedidae Cuthona caerulea        
Nudibranchia Aeolidiidae Aeolidiella alba        
Nudibranchia Aeolidiidae Baeolidia nodosa warty baeolidia      
Nudibranchia Aeolidiidae Berghia marcusi        
Nudibranchia Aeolidiidae Cerberilla potiguara        
Nudibranchia Aeolidiidae Cerberilla tanna        
Nudibranchia Aeolidiidae Spurilla creutzbergi Cruetzberg's spurilla      
Nudibranchia Aeolidiidae Spurilla neapolitana neopolitan spurilla      
Nudibranchia Aeolidiidae Spurilla sargassicola