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Akysis heterurus
Akysis heterurus 
Photo by Heok Hee Ng

48 known species.

Akysids are organized into 4 genera:

Genus & SpeciesCommon Name
Acrochordonichthys chamaeleon
Acrochordonichthys falcifer
Acrochordonichthys guttatus
Acrochordonichthys gyrinus
Acrochordonichthys ischnosoma
Acrochordonichthys mahakamensis
Acrochordonichthys pachyderma
Acrochordonichthys rugosus
Acrochordonichthys septentrionalis
Acrochordonichthys strigosus
Akysis brachybarbatus
Akysis clavulus
Akysis clinatus
Akysis ephippifer
Akysis fuliginatus
Akysis hendricksoni
Akysis heterurus
Akysis longifilis
Akysis maculipinnis
Akysis microps
Akysis pictusBurmese Stream Catfish
Akysis prashadiIndawgyi Stream Catfish
Akysis recavus
Akysis variegatus
Akysis varius
Akysis vespa
Akysis alfredi
Akysis baramensis
Akysis filifer
Akysis fuscus
Akysis hardmani
Akysis inermis
Akysis leucorhynchus
Akysis macronemus
Akysis meridionalis
Akysis nitidus
Akysis pseudobagarius
Akysis similis
Akysis sinensis
Akysis subtilis
Breitensteinia cessator
Breitensteinia hypselurus
Breitensteinia insignis
Parakysis anomalopteryx
Parakysis grandis
Parakysis longirostris
Parakysis notialis
Parakysis verrucosus