Akysis clinatus Ng & Rainboth 2005

Identification: The body relatively stout. The mouth is terminal; the tip of the snout is not in front of the lower jaw, or only slightly in front of the lower jaw. There is a space between the anterior nostril and the base of the nasal barbel that is about equal to the diameter of the anterior nostril. The anterior and posterior nostrils are relatively small (with a diameter less than that of the eye), and the anterior nostril is located at the end of a short tube. The caudal fin is emarginate or truncate. This species reaches 33.0 mm in standard length.

Range: This species is found in southwest Cambodia in the Stung Chhay river located on the western slope of the Chaine des Cardamones mountains.

Habitat: Akysis clinatus is found in the leaf litter of swift-flowing, sandy-bottomed streams.

Similar species:

Akysis clinatus
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