Tell Me About: Sargassum Blooms in Florida

While sargassum seaweed provides important nutrients and habitat for many species, it can bloom out of control and cause problems for marine life and humans alike.

Sand erodes from a shoreline

Tell Me About: Beach Erosion in Florida

Florida boasts 825 miles of coastline, but as of 2021, more than 426.6 miles of it are critically eroded. Learn about potential solutions to this costly issue.

Dirt and worms

Tell Me About: Keeping Soil Healthy in Florida

Soil is more than just dirt. It’s a complex ecosystem filled with living things, organic matter, minerals, and even liquids and gases. But soil in Florida is at risk from a number of climate change-related threats and human-caused issues.

Green Cay Wetlands

How Our Know Your Florida Instagram Works

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