Partnering with TESI on Broader Impacts

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Are you a researcher studying air, water, land or life in Florida, and beyond? Consider partnering with TESI for your Broader Impacts activities in your next National Science Foundation grant!

Our team of experienced educators, communicators and evaluators can work with you to develop impactful activities alongside your research project to help advance public understanding of your topic.

NSF’s Broader Impacts criterion questions

What we offer 

TESI’s mission is to advance communication and education of Earth systems science in a way that inspires Floridians to be effective stewards of our planet. Effective Broader Impacts activities are simply part of our mission. 

broader impacts bookAdditionally, TESI’s founding director Bruce MacFadden served as a Program Officer at the National Science Foundation, wrote a book about Broader Impacts titled “Broader Impacts of Science on Society,” (Cambridge, 2019), and teaches a graduate-level and faculty courses on the subject. Helping scientists with Broader Impacts is one of our Institute’s top priorities.

We are therefore ready to collaborate with you! 

Activities by Audience

Our team of trained science communicators and environmental educators can work with you to share your science in creative ways that reach your target audience.   

sean moran scientist speaking with k-12 classroom
Sean Moran visits a classroom as part of the Scientist in Every Florida School program. Florida Museum photo by Jeff Gage.

K-12 Teachers and Students

Through our Scientist in Every Florida School Program, we build long-term collaborative relationships between teachers and scientists, better integrate current scientific research and big data into classroom lessons that adhere to Florida Sunshine State Standards, and aim to connect a scientist with every school in the state. 

By partnering with Scientist in Every Florida School for your Broader Impacts, you will gain access to a network of K-12 schools, teachers, and district leaders who have come to trust the work we do. 

Our team is comprised of former K-12 educators who understand the unique and specific needs of classrooms and are well-versed in state learning standards. When you partner with SEFS, we will not only help match you with K-12 audiences, but we will also help you craft your science content in a way that is understandable, engaging, and fits into existing curricula. 

science on tap
Chelsea Collison, Florida Museum educator, leads an interactive game during a Science on Tap event. Florida Museum photo by Jeff Gage.

Lifelong Learners

Lifelong learners include adults and families learning outside a formal classroom setting. TESI engages lifelong learners through public events and digital outreach.


participants in the Florida Museum, iDigBio and TESI SciComm 101 training workshop
Participants in the two-day SciComm 101 workshop hosted by TESI, the Florida Museum of Natural History and iDigBio. Florida Museum photo by Kristen Grace.

If your Broader Impacts activity focuses on improving science communication in your field, we’re here to help. Through our education and outreach grants program, science communication training seminars, and K-12 teacher professional development workshops, we help scientists hone their communication skills and disseminate their research to broader audiences. Learn more about our efforts on our Science Communication Professional Development page. 

We can help you develop science communication training workshops in the areas of environmental education, working with the media, developing a digital communications plan, Broader Impacts, working with K-12 students and teachers, advocating for your science, using storytelling to deliver science, the 5E learning cycle, and much more. 

UF Undergraduate Students

Our Environmental Leaders programs aim to connect UF students to environmental research, education & outreach, and civic engagement opportunities.

Evaluation Services

Our team can also help you plan how you will measure the success of your project. We will work with you to develop a tailored approach to ensure you get the data you need for reporting on your project.

How and when to get started with us

TESI’s Broader Impact services can range from as simple as a few limited activities to larger projects in which we can partner with you in a sustained way throughout your grantOur budget requirements for these partnerships are flexible and depend upon the scope of support required to effectively develop and implement your activities and programs. We are also available to help you customize the Broader Impacts narrative in your proposal. 


We are ready to chat more with you about your ideas and how we can help. If you are interested in partnering with us on your next National Science Foundation proposal, email Rebecca Burton ( with the subject line, Broader Impacts collaboration.

Current Collaborations

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