TESI’s faculty, staff and grant recipients publish peer-reviewed content that relates to science education, outreach, and communication as well as information about environmental topics. View publications authored by our team below.

By TESI Faculty and Staff

Authentic Field Experiences for STEM Teachers: Collecting Florida Fossils 
Author(s): Bruce MacFadden, Jeanette Pirlo, Brian Abramowitz, Stephanie Killingsworth, and Michael Ziegler
Publication: Florida Association of Science Teachers Journal

The Keys to Sustainable Online Programming? Partnerships and Professional Development 
Author(s): Megan Ennes
Publication: American Alliance of Museums 
Date published: October 26, 2020 

Want to teach kids about nature? Insects can help 
Author(s): Akito Kawahara, Megan Ennes, Amanda Markee
Publication: The Conversation US 
Date published: October 29, 2020 

State of the Science for Karenia brevis (red tide) in Florida
Author(s): Rebecca Burton, Lisa Krimsky, GiGi Novak, Rhett Register, Betty Staugler
Publication: Florida Sea Grant

State of the Science for Cyanobacterial Blooms (Microcystis species) in Florida
Author(s): Rebecca Burton, Lisa Krimsky, GiGi Novak, Rhett Register, Betty Staugler
Publication: Florida Sea Grant

It’s about time: perceived barriers to in-service teacher climate change professional development 
Author(s): Megan Ennes
Publication: Environmental Education Research
Date published: March 2021 

Understanding science career aspirations: Factors predicting future science task value
Author(s): M. Gail Jones, Katherine Chesnutt, Megan Ennes, Kelly Lynn Mulvey, Emily Cayton,
Publication: Journal of Research in Science Teaching
Date published: March 2021   

Museum-Based Distance Learning Programs: Current Practices and Future Research Opportunities
Author(s): Megan Ennes
Publication: International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning 
Date published: May 2021 

The Next Generation of Science Educators: Museum Volunteers 
Author(s): Emma Refvema, M. Gail Jones, Kathryn Rende, Sarah Carrier, Megan Ennes
Publication: Journal of Science Teacher Education
Date published: June 2021   

Empowering hope-based climate change communication techniques for the Gulf of Maine 
Author(s): Aimee Bonanno, Megan Ennes, Jennifer A. Hoey, Emily Moberg, Sarah-Mae Nelson, Nette Pletcher, Richelle L. Tanner
Publication: Science of the Anthropocene
Date published: July 2021   

The Federal Science Project: A Scientist in Every Classroom 
Author(s): Vetri Velan, Rachel Woods-Robinson, Elizabeth Case, Isabel Warner, Andrea Poppiti, Brian Abramowitz
Publication: Journal of Science Policy and Governance
Date published: August 30, 2021 

Distance Learning in Museums: A Review of the Literature 
Author(s): Megan Ennes & Imani Lee
Publication: International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning
Date published: August 2021 

Building a Science Community
Author(s): Megan Ennes and M. Gail Jones
Publication: National Science Teaching Association
Date published: March 2021   

White Lab Coats and Elementary Students’ Science Self-Concept and Science Self-Efficacy
Author(s): M. Gail Jones, Tammy Lee, Sarah Carrier, Lauren Madden, Emily Cayton, Katherine Chesnutt, Megan Ennes, Pamela Huff, Lanette Phillips
Publication: Science Educator
Date published: 2021   

Follow the Fossils: Developing Metrics for Instagram as a Natural Science Communication Tool
Samantha B. Ocon, Lisa Lundgren, Richard T. Bex II, Jennifer E. Bauer, Mary Jane Hughes, Sadie Mills
Publication: Cambridge Elements
Date published: November 10, 2021   

Science in School: Transforming K-12 Outreach Through Scientist Teacher Partnerships
Brian Abramowitz, Megan Ennes, Stephanie Killingsworth, Pavlo D. Antonenko, Bruce MacFadden, Alan Ivory
Publication: Journal of STEM Outreach
Date published: December 8, 2021  

In-service Teachers’ (Mis)conceptions of Artificial Intelligence in K-12 Science Education
Author(s): Pasha Antonenko, Brian Abramowitz
Publication: Journal of Research on Technology in Education
Date published: September 9, 2022

Testing the Influence of Visual Framing on Engagement and Pro-Environmental Action
Author(s):Gabby Salazar, Martha C. Monroe, Megan Ennes, Jennifer Amanda Jones, Diogo Veríssimo
Publication: Conservation Science and Practice
Date published: September 17, 2022

Children and Parents’ Perceptions of Access to Science Tools at Home and Their Role in Science Self-efficacy
Author(s): Megan E. Ennes, M. Gail Jones, Gina M. Childers, Emily M. Cayton, Katherine M. Chesnutt
Publication: Journal of Research in Science Education
Date published: November 14, 2022

Family Influence and STEM Career Aspirations
Author(s): Megan E. Ennes, M. Gail Jones, Heidi C. Cian, Remi Dou, Brian Abramowitz, Kathleen E.Bordewieck, Kimberly L.Ideus
Publication: International Encyclopedia of Education
Date published: November 2022

Accelerating high school students’ science career trajectories through non-formal science volunteer programs
Author(s): K. Rende, M. Gail Jones, Emma Refvem, Sarah J. Carrier, Megan Ennes
Publication: International Journal of Science Education
Date published: January 2023

Book Chapter – Night Skies and Butterflies: Leisure Science Activities and STEM Interests
Author(s): M. Gail Jones, Megan Ennes
Publication: Amplifying Informal Science Learning
Date published: June 2023

Family Science Experiences’ Influence on Youths’ Achievement Value, Perceived Family Value, and Future Value of Science
Megan Ennes, M. Gail Jones, Katherine Chesnutt, Emily Cayton & Gina M. Childers
Publication: Research in Science Education
Date published: June 2023

By TESI Education and Outreach Grant Recipients

Nature Provides the Foundation for Our Economy and Well-Being
Author(s): Fei He
Publication: UF/IFAS EDIS

The Economic Impact of Florida’s Coastal National Parks 
Author(s): Fe Hei
Publication: UF/IFAS EDIS

Outdoor Recreation Energizes Florida’s Economy
Author(s): Fei He
Publication: UF/IFAS EDIS

How Springs Invigorate Florida’s Economy
Author(s): Fei He
Publication: UF/IFAS EDIS

The Economic Impact of Florida’s Coastal State Parks
Author(s): Fei He
Publication: UF/IFAS EDIS

Engaging students in seagrass-focused activities
Author(s): Jamila Roth and Laura K. Reynolds
Publication: Science Activities
Date published: October 9, 2020

Virtual climate scientist: A VR learning experience about paleoclimatology for underrepresented students 
Author(s): Danny Pimentel and Sri Kalyanaraman
Publication: Interactive Learning Environments
Date published: August 2021 

Frass in the Class: A Model for Fostering Interest in the Natural World Through Insect Rearing in the Classroom 
Author(s): Amanda Markee, Hailey Dansby, Rebeccah Messcher, Emily Hernandez, Akito Kawahara, Caroline Storer
Publication: American Epidemiologist 
Date published: September 8, 2021 

Valuing Florida Water Resources: A Summary By Regions 
Author(s): Fe Hei, Tatiana Borisova, Xiang Bi, Kelly Grogan
Publication: UF/IFAS EDIS
Date published: September 23, 2021