The University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute is advancing communication and education about Earth systems science in a way that inspires Floridians to be effective stewards of our planet.  TESI logo
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What is Earth systems science? The study of the interactions among air, water, land and life on Earth, and how these systems are influenced by human activities. 

Only by understanding how the Earth’s systems interact will we be poised to fully comprehend the ways human activity affects the natural environment in which we live. 


Florida is on the front lines of massive Earth systems changes that are affecting our environment, our economy and our way of life.

Now more than ever, science-based information needs to be communicated in a way that resonates with all Floridians so they can make informed decisions about their natural resources. 
Housed at the Florida Museum of Natural History, our vision is to lead the way to a healthier planet by cultivating a responsible and curious society that values, trusts and has access to science.

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