The mission of the SEFS program is to engage Florida K-12 students and teachers in cutting-edge research by providing science role models and experiences that inspire the future stewards of our planet.

We do this by matching scientists with K-12 public schools in Florida, with a focus on Title I schools; providing teachers with useful professional development opportunities, resources, and support in the classroom; and building long-term, collaborative partnerships between teachers and scientists through a statewide professional learning community.

Background: SEFS is one of just eight projects awarded funding through a $17 million University of Florida moonshot initiative, aimed at tackling some of society’s most urgent issues. Scientist in Every Florida School has the potential to impact nearly 2.3 million K-12 students and 1000s of teachers statewide

Participating scientists must have a research focus related to Earth systems—air, water, land and life — which is in line with TESI’s mission to advance public understanding of environmental issues.

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Thank you for your interest in the Scientist in Every Florida School program. We hope you are as inspired by the possibilities as we are! Learn how you can support the program (and the Thompson Earth Systems Institute) below!


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In addition to individual scientist classroom visits, SEFS also hosts live streams and virtual field trips and produces educational videos for the classroom. View all of these products on our YouTube channel. Register for upcoming live streams and virtual field trips on our Upcoming Events calendar.

Completed Scientist Visits By County

Hover your mouse over the map below to see how many scientist classroom visits have been completed in a particular county during the 2020-2021 school year to today.

This program is open to all Florida public K-12 teachers statewide. To schedule a virtual scientist visit to your classroom, fill out our “Request a Scientist” form.


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